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FDIC Personnel Security Process for Contractor Vendor and New Employee –Applicants

Last Updated: April 24, 2023


Any individual seeking employment at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) must undergo the personnel vetting process. The FDIC conducts vetting for suitability, fitness, national security and credentialing. Additionally, all federal employee applicants must meet the FDIC’s minimum standards of fitness for employment, and contractor personnel must meet standards of fitness for contractor services.

  1. eWORKS Initiation Email: Applicants and Contractor Personnel will receive an email containing instructions to access the FDIC’s Enterprise Workforce Solutions (eWORKS). Immediately upon receipt of this email, applicants and contractor personnel must carefully follow instructions to log into the eWORKS portal and complete a form to initiate the fingerprint process.
  2. Digital Fingerprints: To begin the personnel vetting process, all applicants and contractor personnel must schedule a fingerprint appointment at a GSA USAccess Shared Facility, a FDIC facility, or a Fieldprint, Inc. facility. The submission of digital fingerprints is a requirement of the vetting process.
  3. Complete forms in eWORKS: Once fingerprinted, the applicant or contractor personnel will complete a series of forms in eWORKS for the suitability/fitness determination or the national security eligibility determination. The applicant or contractor personnel will return the eWORKS eFile to their Contract Oversight Manager (OM) or Administrative Officer (AO) or Human Resource Specialist (HR). The OM, AO or HR will forward the eWORKS eFile to the Personnel Security Unit (PSU) for processing..
  4. Complete eAPP: The applicant or contractor personnel will receive a secure email notification from the Personnel Security Unit (PSU) to complete an investigative questionnaire in eAPP. The candidate must carefully complete and release the questionnaire to FDIC to start the background investigation process.
  5. Preliminary Vetting Determination: In order to begin work at the FDIC, the PSU is required to make a preliminary vetting determination for suitability/fitness or national security. Once a determination is made, the PSU sends notification of the determination to the OM, AO, or HR representative.
  6. Background Investigation: If the PSU makes a favorable preliminary vetting determination, the applicant or contractor personnel is eligible to be employed by the FDIC or provide contract services at FDIC pending the successful completion and favorable adjudication of the background investigation. The background investigation (BI) will be processed by the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA). The scope of the investigation will vary depending on the nature of the position or labor category to be occupied at FDIC, and the access requirements for the position or labor category.
  7. Adjudication of Background Investigation: Upon completion of the background investigation by DCSA, it is returned to the FDIC for adjudication. The Personnel Security Unit will review and evaluate the BI and render a trust determination for suitability, fitness or national security.
Note: As part of the FDIC’s vetting process, you are required to submit personal identifiable information (PII). Please note that all systems within the FDIC’s Personnel Security process are designed to securely store and transmit your data.

The contract vendor and its contractors will have to email one form to the PSU: FDIC 3700/46A – Confidentiality Agreement (for Contractor/Subcontractor/Consultant Personnel) Once completed, the 3700/46A forms should be scanned and emailed to the FDIC point of contact, which is the Contract Oversight Manager.

eWORKS Overview

eWORKS is a secure online tool that automates the personnel security vetting process for FDIC applicants, employees, and contractors. eWORKS reduces the time it takes candidates to complete and submit their required security forms while decreasing the opportunity for errors. eWORKS also allows FDIC points of contact (POCs) to easily check on the status of a candidate’s preliminary vetting request throughout the process.

Steps in the FDIC’s Preliminary Vetting Process

Once fingerprinted, the applicant or contractor personnel completes and releases a set of online digital forms in eWORKS. When the FDIC POC determines the forms are complete, the forms are securely transmitted within eWORKS to the Personnel Security Unit for processing.

Steps in the Background Investigation Process:
			1. FDIC Point of Contact initiates process in eWorks
			2. eWorks sends email to candidate
			3. Candidate enters information
			4. FDIC Point of Contact reviews and submits
			5. FDIC Point of Contact checks status

  1. The FDIC point of contact (POC) uses eWORKS to initiate an email to the applicant or contractor personnel.
  2. eWORKS sends an automated email that includes a link to the eWORKS portal and login instructions.
  3. The subject enters his/her information in the eWORKS digital forms.
  4. The FDIC POC reviews the forms for accuracy and completeness in eWORKS and if a form is not complete or signed correctly then the efile is returned to the subject for corrections. If the forms are completed and signed correctly then the POC forwards the efile to the PSU’s Personnel Security Assistants for processing.
  5. The FDIC POC can log into eWORKS at any time to review an applicant or contractors preliminary vetting status.

How to Use eWORKS

If you have questions on how to use eWORKS, or require assistance, please reply to the email you received from FDIC eWORKS with the subject line “Secure-email – FDIC Intake”.