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FDIC Personnel Security Process for Contractor Vendor and New Employee Candidates

FDIC’s Personnel Security Process: Overview

  1. Submit digital fingerprints: To be employed by the FDIC or serve under an FDIC contract, candidates must meet minimum standards of integrity and fitness. To initiate the personnel security process, the candidate must submit digital fingerprints to facilitate a check of Federal Bureau of Investigation records.
  2. Complete BI forms in eWorks: Once fingerprinted, the candidate completes and releases a set of online forms for their background investigation (BI) in FDIC’s Enterprise Workforce Solution (eWORKS). When the FDIC determines the correct timing, the candidate’s forms are securely transmitted within eWORKS to FDIC’s Security and Emergency Preparedness Section (SEPS) for full processing.
  3. Complete eQIP: The candidate receives a secure email with instructions to initiate the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM’s) Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing (eQIP). The candidate must carefully complete the eQIP, sign or e-sign the releases and select the “Release Request/Transmit to Agency” button.
  4. FDIC preliminary approval: If additional information is required, SEPS directly contacts the candidate via email for clarification or sends them a Letter of Interrogatory (LOI) to address. Once the candidate has answered all of the requirements successfully, a preliminary decision is rendered by FDIC as to their fitness and integrity for the position. FDIC then sends notification of their decision to the Administrative Officer/contractor vendor.
  5. NBIB investigation: If the FDIC receives preliminary approval from SEPS, the candidate may be employed by the FDIC or under the contract. Meanwhile, the investigative request will be pending at the National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB). Once the investigation is complete, the candidate may again be notified if clarification is required.
  6. FDIC final adjudication: After all information is compiled, a formal adjudication is rendered and recorded in OPM’s Central Verification System.

Note that candidates’ personally identifiable information (PII) is required by the servicing Federal agencies, and all systems within the Personnel Security process are designed to store and transmit every portion of the candidates’ data in a secure fashion.

At this time, the candidate may be provided two forms outside of eWORKS to complete.  They are: 

Once completed, the 1620/01 and 3700/46A forms should be scanned and emailed to the FDIC point of contact.

eWORKS Overview

eWORKS is a secure online tool that automates the background investigation process for prospective FDIC staff and contractors. eWORKS reduces the time it takes candidates to complete and submit their required security forms while decreasing the opportunity for errors. eWORKS also allows FDIC points of contact (POCs) to more easily check on the status of a candidate’s BI throughout the process.

Steps in FDIC’s Background Investigation (BI) Process

Once fingerprinted, the candidate completes and releases a set of online forms in eWORKS. When the FDIC POC determines the correct timing, the candidate’s forms are securely transmitted within eWORKS to FDIC SEPS for full processing.

Steps in the Background Investigation Process:
1. FDIC Point of Contact initiates process in eWorks
2. eWorks sends email to candidate
3. Candidate enters information
4. FDIC Point of Contact reviews and submits
5. FDIC Point of Contact checks status

  1. The FDIC point of contact (POC) uses eWORKS to initiate an email to the candidate.
  2. eWORKS sends an automated email that includes a link to the eWORKS portal and login instructions.
  3. The candidate enters his/her information in the online BI forms and the data is populated in eWORKS.
  4. The FDIC POC reviews the completed BI forms in eWORKS and submits them if the record is ready for SEPS processing.
  5. The FDIC POC can log into eWORKS at any time to review a candidate’s BI status.

How to Use eWORKS

Follow the instructions in the following guide to complete and submit information in eWORKS (PDF Help).