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Key Contacts in Acquisition Services Branch

Last Updated: May 20, 2024

The Acquisitions Services Branch contracts for services and goods for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The Branch has offices in our Washington, D.C. headquarters and in Dallas, Texas.

Please contact the appropriate person below if you have questions concerning selling services and goods to the FDIC.


Shanna R. Webbers, Deputy Director, Acquisition Services Branch
Phone: 703-562-2421

FDIC Division of Administration/ASB
Room VS-E-4020
3501 N. Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22226

Contract Operations

Corporate Operations & Supervision Section
Consulting services, accounting and auditing services, liquidation/asset related services, equal employment and diversity related services, employee relocation and related services, goods and services in support of personnel, security, training, construction, janitorial, and other facilities requirements.

Jennifer Schoen, Assistant Director
Phone: 703-562-6430

Corporate Contracting

Information technology goods and services, including customized software, off-the-shelf hardware and software, and all telecommunications.

FDITech & IT Professional Services Section

Bijan Mansoury, Assistant Director
Phone: 703-562-6177

IT Infrastructure & Security Section

Marcelle Brown, Assistant Director
Phone: 703-562-2598

Policy & Systems

The Policy and Systems Section is primarily responsible for development, implementation, and maintenance of acquisition policy and procedures; administration, maintenance, and training of acquisition-related systems; administration of the purchase-card program; monthly and annual reporting of contracting activity; and a variety of internal operational programs.

Julie A. Rothermel, Assistant Director
Phone: 703-562-2212

System for Award Management
FDIC only makes procurement awards to businesses that are registered in the System for Award Management (SAM).

The instructions for completing your registration is at

If you have any questions regarding SAM or the registration process, after you read the user guides and watch the demonstration videos on the SAM web page (under the Help tab), please contact the SAM Assistance Center toll free at (866) 606-8220.

Regional Office: Dallas

Dallas Administration, Research, Resolutions & Receiverships Section

This office is responsible for acquiring receivership and resolutions requirements from pre-closing, closing, and post-closing activities. The requirements include, but are not limited to, facilities, asset management, claims, investigations, settlement, employee benefit plans, financial closing process, personnel administration, franchise marketing, owned real estate management & marketing services, furniture, fixtures and equipment auction services, internet marketing and support services, financial advisory valuation services, and failed bank data systems services. Additionally, this office is responsible for acquiring goods and services supporting FDIC Regional Offices.

Marcela Almeida, Assistant Director
Phone: 703-562-2205

600 North Pearl Street
Suite 700
Dallas, TX 75201

Strategy, Governance, and Integration

The Strategy, Governance, and Integration Section is responsible for strategic level acquisition functions. Strategic level acquisition functions include quality assurance, internal controls and audits, contract portfolio management/strategic sourcing, stakeholder management and customer experience, industry liaison/vendor forecasting, communications and change management, and acquisition workforce certification and training.

Debora Theall, Assistant Director
Phone: 703-562-2193