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Directors' Resource Center

The Directors' Resource Center is a special section of the FDIC's website that is dedicated to providing useful information and resources for directors and officers of FDIC-insured institutions. The content of this page focuses on information that addresses current issues faced by the banking industry.

FDIC Technical Assistance Video Program

The Technical Assistance Video Program is a series of educational videos designed to provide useful information to bank directors, officers, and employees on areas of supervisory focus and regulatory changes.

Videos for Bank Directors: These videos are a virtual version of the FDIC’s Directors’ College Program that regional offices deliver throughout the year. The program consists of videos on the Community Reinvestment Act, corporate governance, cybersecurity awareness, FDIC examinations, interest rate risk, roles and responsibilities of bank directors, and vendor management - outsourcing technology services.

Videos for Bank Officers and Employees: These videos provide technical training to bankers on a range of regulatory issues as well as address compliance with certain mortgage rules issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).