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Banker Resource Center

Information Technology (IT) and Cybersecurity

Financial institutions depend on IT to deliver services. Disruption, degradation, or unauthorized alteration of information and systems can affect the financial condition, core processes, and risk profile of an institution. Further, because of the increasing volume and sophistication of cyber threats, it is imperative that financial institutions and their critical third-party service providers maintain diligence in identifying, assessing, and mitigating cybersecurity risks.

Laws and Regulations

Key laws and regulations that pertain to FDIC-supervised institutions; note that other laws and regulations also may apply.

IT Examination Resources

IT examination ratings, procedures, and work programs.

Supervisory Resources

Frequently asked questions, advisories, statements of policy, and other information issued by the FDIC alone, or on an interagency basis, provided to promote safe-and-sound operations.

Other Resources

Supplemental information related to safe-and-sound banking operations.

Technical Assistance Video Program

The Technical Assistance Video Program is a series of educational videos designed to provide useful information to bank directors, officers, and employees on areas of supervisory focus and regulatory changes. These videos are available on the FDIC’s YouTube channel.

  • Cybersecurity Awareness for Board Members provides background information on cybersecurity and discusses the board’s role in overseeing their bank’s cybersecurity efforts.
  • Cybersecurity Awareness for Bank Officers discusses the important role bank officers have in designing and maintaining information security programs in a dynamic and evolving cyber threat environment.
  • Information Technology provides information for bank directors and trustees regarding oversight of a bank’s information technology program and FDIC information technology examinations.
  • Cyber Challenge: A Community Bank Cyber Exercise encourages community financial institutions to discuss operational risk issues and the potential impact of information technology disruptions on common banking functions.