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Identity Theft
FDIC's Supervisory Policy on Identity Theft
April 11, 2007

Summary: The FDIC has issued the attached "Supervisory Policy on Identity Theft." The policy describes the characteristics of identity theft. It also sets forth the FDIC's expectations that institutions under its supervision take steps to detect and prevent identity theft and mitigate its effects in order to protect consumers and help ensure institutions' safe and sound operations.

  • Identity theft poses risks to consumers and the safe and sound operation of financial institutions.
  • The FDIC has well-defined expectations of how institutions should detect and prevent ID theft and mitigate its effects.
  • The attached policy lays out the FDIC's approach to addressing identity theft, and contains standards that institutions are expected to meet to protect customers' sensitive information and notify them of compromises in appropriate circumstances.
  • The FDIC believes that consumer education has an important role to play in helping to prevent identity theft and will continue its consumer education efforts during 2007.

FDIC-Supervised Banks (Commercial and Savings)

Suggested Routing:
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Information Security Officer

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Supervisory Policy on Identity Theft

Senior Policy Analyst Jeffrey Kopchik at (202) 898-3872 or, or Policy Analyst (Compliance) David Lafleur at (202) 898-6569 or

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Last Updated 4/11/2007

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