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Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs)

Last Updated: January 25, 2022

The FDIC uses Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) to identify, analyze, and manage privacy risks. Our PIAs demonstrate that the FDIC has fully considered privacy and incorporated appropriate privacy protections from the earliest stages of Corporation activity and throughout the information life cycle.

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Adobe Connect March 2019
Advanced Legal Information System (ALIS) November 2019
Background Investigation Database System (BIDS) January 2018
Board of Directors Records (BODREC) October 2014
Business Information Section SQL Server (BIS SQL Server) March 2019
CEP Recruiting System September 2016
Closed Circuit Television Cameras Monitoring Program (CCTVMP)  July 2007
Combined Operational Risk, Security, Investigations & Compliance Application (CORSICA) January 2018
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) May 2008
Docket SharePoint (Docket-SP) July 2016
DRR Complex Financial Institutions (CFI) Large Bank Analysis – Flexible Environment (FLEX) December 2015
DRR Locator and Reporting System (DOLLARS) July 2011
Electronic Crimes Unit (ECU) Forensics Lab September 2018
Employee Benefits Management Services (EBMS) December 2013
Enterprise Data Warehouse Co-Location October 2015
Enterprise Public Inquiry and Complaints (EPIC) November 2019
Examination Tools Suite (ETS) June 2020
EyeMed Vision Care LLC (EyeMed) January 2019
FDIC Acquisition Management System (FAMS) November 2021
FDIC Communication and Collaboration Services September 2021
FDIC Conferencing and Content Sharing Technologies September 2021
FDIC Contact and Demographic Information July 2021
FDIC Correspondence Tracking and Approval Tools July 2021
FDIC Data Exchange and Portal Applications April 2021
FDIC E-Discovery and Litigation Support December 2021
FDIC Failed Financial Institution Employee Data Management November 2021
FDIC Framework for Oversight of Compliance and CRA Activities User Suite (FOCUS) August 2021
FDIC Freedom of Information Act System (FOIA) April 2021
FDIC Freedom of Information Act System (FOIA) Modernization (Mod) November 2021
FDIC Insurance Determinations and Payouts August 2021
FDIC Receivership Data Administration April 2021
FDIC Resolution Process January 2022
FDIC OIMS July 2021
FDIC ViSION July 2021
Fieldprint November 2017
File Image Viewer for Examinations September 2018
Financial Disclosure Online (FDO) November 2019
iComplaints (iComplaints) June 2008
Interagency Exam Repository (IER) May 2014
Legislative Information Tracking System (LEGIT) April 2007
National Employees Ethics Tracking System II August 2013
New Financial Environment (NFE) July 2021
Online Ordering Solution (OOS) November 2009
Personnel Security Records (PERSEREC) June 2014
Perspective November 2010
Regional Automated Document Distribution and Imaging (RADD) April 2017
Regional Report Repository (R3) August 2016
Reporting Data Mart Migration (RDMM) August 2012
Reverse Mortgage Solutions (RMS) January 2014
Social Media Platforms April 2014
TeamMate (TEAMMATE) April 2016
Training and Professional Development System (TPDS) April 2019
VASTEC, Inc. (OIG) August 2017
X-FIRE April 2014