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Deposit Insurance Assessments


Last Updated: February 13, 2020


Created in 2003, FDICconnect is a secure electronic portal for conducting business with the FDIC. There are several FDICconnect transactions pertaining to Assessments.  In FDICconnect, bankers can download their quarterly invoices and any official FDIC correspondence, change the ACH information on their invoice, obtain an invoice of a merged or acquired institution, and conduct secure file exchanges with the FDIC.

Granting Enterprise File Exchange (EFX) Authorization

All Designated Contacts for Assessment Reporting Reviews should be granted access to the EFX System by their Coordinator. Instructions for granting access to users can be found at this link: Granting Enterprise File Exchange (EFX) Authorization.

Using FDICconnect - Coordinators and Authorized Users

To gain initial access to FDICconnect, an institution must register at least one FDICconnect Coordinator.  Registration and approval of a Coordinator can take up to 3 days plus an additional 5 days for the Two-Factor Authentication registration if the hard token option is selected by the new Coordinator. Please take this into account and recognize the need to maintain at least one current Coordinator for your institution at all times.  A Coordinator registers and manages Authorized Users for your institution.  A Coordinator has access to all the transactions in FDICconnect while Users have access only to the transactions assigned to them by a Coordinator.  Below are instructions for registering a new Coordinator and adding a new User as well as instructions for other FDICconnect transactions.

Instructions for FDICconnect transactions

Change ACH Information - .PDF 36kb

Download Invoices and/or Official FDIC Correspondence - .PDF 36kb

Download Invoices of Merged or Acquired Institutions - .PDF 38kb

Create a New Password for FDICconnect - .PDF 36kb

Register a New Coordinator or Add a New User - .PDF 13kb

Change your Email Address and/or Profile Information - .PDF 31kb

Change a User to a Coordinator - .PDF 30kb

Change a Coordinator to a User - .PDF 32kb

For Assistance with FDICconnect

Call 1-877-275-3342 (1-877-ASK-FDIC) and select Option 4, or call direct to 703-516-1069, or email: