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Here you will find materials and resources designed to help you save time when developing lesson plans and assignments to teach about money and finances.

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Money Smart News
FDIC's quarterly newsletter featuring tips and success stories.
Implementation Ideas
Suggestions to help educators use or promote Money Smart.
FDIC Consumer News
News, trends, and quick tips about financial services.


Money Smart for Young People
A series of curriculums for grades Pre-K- to 12 that include lesson plans for teachers and resources for parents and caregivers.
The Computer-Based Instruction (CBI)
Featuring a game-based learning design for people 13 years and over to complete Money Smart online.
Money Smart for Young Adults
The fully scripted materials for ages 12-20 can easily be taught by those without previous teaching experience or extensive subject matter expertise.

Educational Tools

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FDIC Learning Bank – The FDIC’s webpage for students, teachers, and parents that provides information about how banks work, types of bank accounts, credit cards, and loans.

Money As You Grow Book Club ( – The Money As You Grow Book Club is a family financial education program that uses children’s books to help families learn key money concepts through reading, play, and quiet one-on-one talks.

Finger touching circle – Government websites for kids that include interactive games and resources for parents and teachers.

Jump$tart Coalition’s Reality Check ( – An interactive tool to show what it takes to live independently. Can be used alone or to complement existing curricula. – On Consumer Jungle, you can browse through different personal finance topics and play interactive games. – Educational tools, videos, games, and more. – Financial Entertainment is a library of free online and mobile games that aim to improve personal financial capability, self-confidence, and knowledge.

Additional Sources

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Links to related financial education sites.

Money As You Grow ( – Online resources by the CFPB that help parents and caregivers make the most of their powerful influence on their child’s financial future.

Your Money, Your Goals ( – A toolkit created by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to help consumers set goals, choose financial products, and build skills in managing money, credit, and debt. – Federal resources and tools for financial decision-making. – Free online security tips and resources for educators and parents by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). – Financial literacy tools and resources (i.e., budgeting worksheets, videos, college scorecard, games/ activities, and more). – Learn how to manage money, use credit and loans carefully, and about scams and identity theft.
Links to related research sites.

Building Blocks To Help Youth Achieve Financial Capability - PDF ( – The report presents a new evidence based developmental module for supporting financial capability and provides strategies for supporting its development from early childhood through adolescence.

Personal finance teaching tool - PDF ( – Identify teaching techniques and learning strategies to address the three building blocks that influence the development of lifelong personal finance decision making skills.

Expanding K-12 - PDF ( – Make the most of your time and resources with the guiding questions, case studies, and directory in this resource guide.

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