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FDIC Consumer News - Summer 2018
25th Anniversary Edition

Attention Subscribers: FDIC Consumer News Is Going Paperless

Changes are coming for FDIC Consumer News and for subscribers to our paper edition. Beginning September 2018, our newsletter will be a paperless publication consisting of individual articles, at least one per month, delivered to subscribers via email or social media (such as Facebook or Twitter). Although this new system means that the FDIC will no longer distribute paper copies of FDIC Consumer News to subscribers in the mail each quarter, we are encouraging those subscribers to learn about the potential benefits of electronic delivery and to consider signing up.

First and foremost, the changes will allow us to cover more topics and provide more information, including breaking news and updates to articles, at any time, not just once a quarter. Also, by using a personal computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet, subscribers will receive FDIC Consumer News articles anywhere they are and immediately after each article is published. And anyone with internet access can go online to the FDIC Consumer News website ( and easily find previously published articles and resources (including videos) on related topics. E-reader versions of articles also will be available at that same website.

For those of you who prefer paper copies of articles, the FDIC will offer printer-friendly versions online that can easily be reproduced in any quantity.

It’s also easy and convenient to make the change from mailbox to inbox. You have several options for automatically receiving FDIC Consumer News articles by email or social media. You can visit and go to the email subscription box to provide the necessary information. You also can “like” the FDIC Facebook page ( or follow the FDIC on Twitter (

As we look back on the first 25 years of FDIC Consumer News, we also look forward to many more years as a source of helpful tips and common-sense strategies to protect and stretch your hard-earned dollars. That’s been our goal since 1993 … and that’s not changing.