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Community Affairs – Affordable Mortgage Lending Center

Affordable Mortgage Lending Center

Mortgage lending is an important element of many community banks’ business and Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) strategies. The FDIC’s Affordable Mortgage Lending Center is designed as a resource for community banks to help them compare a variety of current affordable mortgage programs and to identify the next steps if they seek to expand or initiate affordable mortgage lending. Offering affordable mortgage loans to a wide range of customers can deepen bank customer relationships and provide an important pathway for borrowers to own their own homes and participate in the mainstream banking system.

About the Affordable Mortgage Lending Center

About the Affordable Mortgage Lending Center

Learn about the scope and coverage of mortgage product information including suggestions for how to use this webpage to discover additional mortgage lending options.

Affordable Mortgage Lending Guide

Affordable Mortgage Lending Guide

The Guide provides descriptions of mortgage lending programs and is a resource for community banks to assess and compare opportunities for participation. It includes three parts: Part I: Federal Agencies and Government Sponsored Enterprises; Part II: State Housing Finance Agencies; and Part III: Federal Home Loan Banks.



Find data, fact sheets, and other mortgage lending studies from the FDIC and other federal resources.

Activities and Events

Activities & Events

Learn about recent and upcoming affordable mortgage credit activities and events sponsored by the FDIC in conjunction with federal, state, or local agency partners.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) does not endorse the programs described in this publication or any particular approach to their use. The overviews and program information included in this Guide are designed to illustrate the broad range of options available to financial institutions. Each institution is responsible for assessing whether the resources presented here are appropriate for the bank to pursue given factors such as the institution’s existing mortgage, Community Reinvestment Act, or community development strategies, as well as business focus, financial condition, and market.

We have included the most recent information available at the date of publication. At the end of each section, we include a list of resources with webpages where you can find updates, as well as information about additional programs and other helpful information related to the subject. The FDIC plans to update this site bi-annually.

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