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About FDIC

Seidman Center Student Resident Services & Information

Last Updated: November 23, 2020
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General Information

The Front Desk is open 24 hours a day.

Contact the Front Desk anytime at extension 0 while at the Student Residence Center (SRC) with any questions you might have.

When calling from outside of the FDIC dial 703-516-4630. When calling from within the FDIC dial: 703-516-5474 or x65474 or x79050

The Student Residence Center (SRC ) is non-smoking.  Smoking is allowed in the designated outside smoking area between the Student Residence Center (SRC) and C building.

Access to the rooftop terrace is via the 11th floor between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.

Check-in time is 3:00 p.m.

Check-out time is 12:00 noon, and an in person check-out at the Front Desk is required.

Address for mail & Location for driving

The mailing address of Student Residence Center:

Guest's name
Room number
FDIC Student Residence Center
3501 Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22226-3500

The physical address of the Student Residence Center:

1001 North Monroe Street
Arlington, VA. 22201

For priority shipments, use express service to ensure delivery. All packages must be mailed for Monday through Friday delivery. The Mail Room is closed on Saturdays and Sundays and package deliveries will not be accepted.  All packages entering the facility are required to be inspected and scanned by an x-ray machine. Package deliveries will not be accepted directly at the Student Residence Center Front Desk.

Postage stamps are available for purchase at the Front Desk.

Inter-office mail may be dropped off at the Front Desk. Outgoing mail may be dropped off at the USPS drop box located in the lobby across from the Front Desk.

Your telephone message light is turned on/flashes red when you have received mail, faxes, or packages.

Any mail received after your departure will be returned to the sender, unless otherwise requested.

Fire Alarm System

Upon entering your guest room, take a moment to read the fire evacuation plan located on the back of your guest room door. The fire evacuation plan outlines the emergency evacuation routes based on your guest room’s location, excluding the elevators. Please note that during a fire evacuation/emergency you should not use the elevators.

If you detect evidence of fire or any other emergency condition, dial 9911 and call the Front Desk (extension 0 , x65474 or x79050).

The fire alarm is a zone alarm. For example, if the alarm is activated on the sixth floor, the alarm will also sound on the floor below and the floor above. In this case, the alarm would be sounding on the fifth, sixth, and seventh floors. If you are located on the third floor, you might hear the alarm as it travels/echoes through the stairwells and ventilation system. In any case, if you hear the alarm, you must evacuate the building by using the stairwells and proceed across the street to a safe location. As other fire/smoke sensors are activated, the alarm will also sound on these affected floors.

The entire building is equipped with a sprinkler system.

If the Fire Department determines to evacuate the entire building, they will sound the alarm throughout the building. If you hear the fire alarm, please evacuate the building until the Fire Department determines it's safe to re-enter.

Keys & Security Information

A government issued photo ID (such as an FDIC employee badge, driver’s license, passport) is required to enter the Student Residence Center (SRC).  Guests of the SRC (and their visitors) will be issued a visitor’s badge from the Security desk that must we worn on their person for the duration of their stay.  Guests that request access to the Fitness Center or parking garage will be issued a proximity card by the Front Desk at check-in.

The proximity card allows you to gain entry into certain secured areas throughout the Student Residence Center (SRC).  You will find the card reader mounted to the left or right of designated entry doors. A $30.00 charge will be added to your guest room invoice for any lost or unreturned proximity cards.


Parking is very limited at the Student Residence Center and is based on availability. Registered guests of the SRC may obtain one (1) parking permit at the Front Desk pending availability. These parking spaces are numbered, and you must park in the assigned space printed on the parking pass issued to you. If parking spaces are not available, the Front Desk will provide you a list of paid parking garages in the area.  Please remember to display the parking pass on the driver side dashboard of your vehicle at all times and park only in your assigned space.

Radio Stations

AM/FM radio stations within close listening range of Arlington, Va

Services for Residence Guests

• Ice machine In the vending room in the main lobby, and on the 5th floor between guest rooms 548 and 549.
• Hair dryers
Ironing boards & irons
In each of the guest rooms.
• Laundry room There is a coin-operated laundry room located on the second floor (near room 267) which is open 24 hours a day. For your convenience, the washing machines have a self-dispensing soap feature. A change dispenser is located in the laundry room.
• Extra
-Baby cribs
-Rollaway beds
Available from Housekeeping.
• Same-day valet services Same-day dry cleaning services are provided by a local dry cleaning company Monday through Friday. Please place items you want cleaned in the plastic bag located in your guest room closet, complete the laundry ticket, keeping the yellow copy for your records. Bring the bag and white ticket to the Front Desk before 8:30 a.m. and it will be returned to your guest room that evening.

Please note that items requiring extra cleaning or repair (replacing buttons, repairing zippers or hemming) may not be returned until the next day.
• Housekeeping On weekdays (Monday through Friday), Housekeeping service begins at 8:00 a.m. If you have any special requests or do not want Housekeeping service, please contact the Housekeeping department at ext 65477, ext 65478 or the Front Desk at ext 0. Your guest room will not be serviced if you place the "DO NOT DISTURB" sign outside your door after 12 noon. A Housekeeping Supervisor may call your guest room to ensure you do not want Housekeeping service before the end of the day.

On weekends (Saturday and Sunday), Housekeeping services begins at 9:00 a.m. If you are departing for the weekend or an extended period of time (before your scheduled check-out date), please fill out the “no-service” card that is located in your guest room and return it to the Front Desk.

Please note that on the third day of a "DO NOT DISTURB" sign on a guest room door, the Housekeeping department will enter the guest room to conduct a wellness check. During this wellness check, the Housekeeping floor supervisor will ensure that there are no maintenance/physical issues in the guest room. Your personal items will not be disturbed during this wellness check.
• Wake-up calls
• Messages (Red light on the phone indicates message at the front desk.)
• Safety deposit boxes
• Room key card
• Proximity card (For access to training facility and health club.)
Contact the Front Desk for these services.

Telephone - How To Use

Front Desk telephone: 703-516-4630
Front Desk fax: 703-516-5476
(TTD Relay Service is available at 9-1-800-828-1140 at $.25 per minute)
Please note that not all 703, 571 and 301 area code calls are local
There is no charge for local calls made from the guest rooms, including calls to information (411).
There is a $.50 charge for long distance information. No surcharge is added to long distance calls.
Direct dialing to all international calls have been restricted by the FDIC.
TTD/TTY equipment is available at the Front Desk.
Direct Dialing Guest Rooms:

  • Floors 2-9 Dial 70 + room number desired
  • Floors 10-11 Dial 7 + room number desired

Outside Dialing Instructions:

  • within area code 703- Dial 9-703-number desired
  • within area code 202- Dial 9-1-202-number desired
  • within area code 301- Dial 9-1-301 number desired
  • within area code 571- Dial 9-1-571 number desired

FDIC offices in local area network - Dial the last 5 numbers (no cost/free)
Long Distance Bill to room: Dial 9-1 area code and number
Credit card: Dial 9-1 and follow instructions on the card
When the message light on the telephone is on, access the Student Residence Center Voice Mail System by dialing extension “70010".