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Bank Examiner Program

Last Updated: July 17, 2023

Why the FDIC?

The FDIC supervises a majority of the country’s community banks. These institutions provide loans to farmers and small businesses, make it possible for entrepreneurs to launch start-ups, support local governments as they build libraries and parks, and foster local economies. These essential functions are the very things that help keep America running.

As a Bank Examiner within the FDIC’s Division of Risk Management Supervision (RMS) or Division of Depositor and Consumer Protection (DCP), you will enjoy a meaningful career with impact on the financial industry and American banking consumers. Your vital role supports the FDIC mission through these critical functions:

  • Examining and supervising insured financial institutions,
  • Evaluating adherence to laws and regulations,
  • Monitoring and mitigating systemic risks,
  • Evaluating financial institutions to determine if they treat consumers and depositors fairly and operate in compliance with federal consumer protection, anti-discrimination, and community reinvestment laws; and
  • Building and strengthening positive connections between banks and consumers, depositors, small businesses, and communities.

Other highlights of our program and work culture:

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - The FDIC achieves its mission by creating an inclusive work environment that recognizes and appreciates all employees’ perspectives and talents, allows employees opportunities to reach their highest potential, and attracts and retains the most talented employees.

Professional Development - Bank Examiners already possess critical skills needed to immediately contribute to examinations. You will receive training to refine your talents and leadership skills. Bank Examiners are also assigned an individual coach or mentor to help ensure a smooth transition into the FDIC culture.

Work/Life Balance - We offer reasonable work hours, flexible work schedules, and telework opportunities to help employees lead a fulfilling life outside of work.

Visit the Employee Benefits page for additional information.

What will you do?

The Bank Examiner Program provides an avenue for individuals with relevant banking or regulatory experience to become a commissioned Bank Examiner within the FDIC’s Division of Risk Management Supervision (RMS) or Division of Depositor and Consumer Protection (DCP). Bank examiners generally work in teams to assess a financial institution’s banking policies, practices and compliance with regulations. They also evaluate financial institutions to determine if they treat depositors and consumers fairly and operate in compliance with federal consumer protection, anti-discrimination, and community reinvestment laws.

This work is critical to the FDIC’s mission of maintaining stability and public confidence in the nation’s financial system. Persons selected into the program come from diverse backgrounds including those with extensive banking industry expertise, auditing experience, or prior regulatory experience. A comprehensive training program will be tailored to supplement your prior experience to ensure an opportunity to grow and succeed. If chosen, you will be on the front lines of America’s banking and financial industry, performing mission-critical, public-serving, work in a unique role that only a few experience.

What do our employees say?

Christine Faigle
Christine Faigle
Senior Examiner

“The Mid Career Examiner position allowed me to use my prior experience as a state examiner and banker to quickly succeed and advance. I enjoy working with great teams to examine a variety of financial institutions, from rural community banks to global systemically important institutions. There are so many opportunities to develop new skills or specialize in complex topics while working for the FDIC.”
Heather Rutt
Heather Rutt
Senior Examiner

“After more than 10 years in the industry, I made the change to join the FDIC. I love the variety of being able to work with diverse teams and completing different assignments, with institutions of all sizes. The ability to work across divisions, with other agencies, and banks from all over the country feeds my vagabond spirit. My industry experience was immediately valued by my teams. It is gratifying to have community bankers tell me that my work made a positive impact on their institutions. The FDIC offers strong access to training and good upward mobility. The mix of work from home and travel allows me to maintain a good work-life balance, while still being able to explore. The FDIC is a great place for inquisitive, adventurous financial professionals looking to expand their career.”
Kenny Brown
Kenny Brown
Senior Examiner

“Being an Examiner with the FDIC has been a fulfilling career for me. It has helped me to align my personality, education, and desire to serve with my career goals. Being an examiner has complimented my critical thinking, oral and written communication, and analytical skills. My team members and day-to-day responsibilities give me a sense of internal fulfillment and accomplishments.”
Ralph T. Beasley
Ralph T. Beasley
Senior Large Bank Examiner

“After working for 20 years as a commercial lender for large banks, I leapt at the chance to work for the FDIC in helping troubled institutions through the Great Recession in 2009. The comradery, stable and supportive work environment, and opportunity to keep my credit skills sharp while gaining in my understanding of how banks operate, keeps this career choice both interesting and rewarding. I’ve never looked backed.”
Tiajuana L. Smith
Tiajuana L. Smith, MBA, CFE
Case Manager

“Prior to joining the FDIC, I spent several years in banking, the public sector, and the healthcare industry. However, my passion for public service, along with numerous conversations with FDIC examiners about the Corporation’s mission, integrity, and work-life balance led me to the FDIC. Since joining the FDIC as a Bank Examiner, the opportunities to learn, grow, and enhance my technical and analytical skills have been endless. I am empowered and encouraged to take advantage of the limitless opportunities to advance my career by networking and exploring positions in other offices and divisions. Not to mention that each day I get to work with a diverse group of individuals who are passionate about our responsibility to promote public confidence in the nation’s financial system.”
Dana Crutchfield
Dana Crutchfield
Deputy Regional Director - DCP

“Prior to joining the FDIC, I spent almost 20 years working for a community bank. I jumped from the nest I knew so well to an agency that I felt readily at home with from the start. My banking background enabled me to hit the ground running, share my knowledge and experience with others, have relatable conversations with bankers during examinations, and support our mission. The agency has afforded me the ability to learn and grow through its robust training programs, opportunities to work on projects, experience other roles and positions through details and promotions, and work with a talented and diverse workforce. I set my career sights on a path that I not only attained, but exceeded my expectations. Joining the FDIC was the best career decision I ever made.”
Enrique (Alex) Uvidia
Enrique “Alex” Uvidia
Examination Specialist

“I worked as an examiner for nearly fifteen years. I really enjoyed the camaraderie of examination teams. This made it easier to complete end-to-end assessments of risk management practices at financial institutions. The banking industry is continuously innovating, so there is always an opportunity to learn something new and become a field office, regional, or even national subject matter expert on a topic.”

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The FDIC is an equal opportunity employer. We recruit, hire, and develop a high-performing workforce that reflects the communities we serve. Applicants are considered without regard to their race, religion, color, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), national origin, disability, age, genetic information, retaliation, parental status, or other non-merit factors.