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Last Updated: July 10, 2023

FDIC facilitates collaboration between Money Smart Alliance members who use Money Smart for Small Business (MSSB) through a Quarterly Town Hall Webinar. Joining the Money Smart Alliance is highly encouraged but not a requirement to participate in these one-hour events. Webinars are hosted by FDIC and SBA representatives and usually feature at least two speakers. This program is free but registration is required.

Upcoming Money Smart for Small Business Town Halls

Any organizational representative can attend MSSB Town Hall Webinars. Participants can:

  • Understand the learning objectives of the MSSB curricula and connect it to their organization’s mission and strategic objectives.
  • Learn by way of examples portrayed, how to customize the MSSB modules to meet the diverse needs of small business owners.
  • Learn how to identify subject matter experts and instructors to teach MSSB modules (for instance, how to approach a financial institution to teach the MSSB Banking and Credit modules).
  • Gather ideas to make the content of each module compelling and engaging.
  • Connect with organizations that have a similar mission and vision and learn from their business training methodologies.
  • Ask questions and share their experiences related to the adoption and implementation of MSSB.

Training & Events

Past Town Halls

Past Quarterly Money Smart for Small Business Town Hall Webinars offer implementation ideas. Find the presentation, video, and a brief summary of each webinar by selecting the link:

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Docs/ Videos

Town Hall - National Small Business Week 2023:
May 4, 2023
John “Jack” Bienko, Chief Innovation Official, U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA);
Ronald Kelly, Outreach Lead, State Small Business Credit Initiative, U.S. Department of Treasury;
Katy Woods, Branch Manager and Certified Coach, Coastal Community Bank; and
Sandra Hernandez, Acting Senior Community Affairs Specialist, FDIC
The FDIC hosted a Money Smart Town Hall webinar for National Small Business Week, featuring:
  • Updates from the SBA,
  • Information from the U.S. Department of Treasury covering the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) Program as a resource for expanding the financial capabilities for Small Business and startups in underrepresented communities, and
  • The success story of Coastal Community Bank, Everett, WA, including their Strategies and innovative approaches to support entrepreneurs using Money Smart for Small Business
Town Hall Meeting Q2, 2022: April 28, 2022 Mark Madrid, Associate Administrator, Office of Entrepreneurial Development, Small Business Administration (SBA); and
Tyron Tyra, Vice President, Community and Minority Business Development, Commerce Lexington Inc.
This Town Hall meeting included an update from the SBA who presented April National Financial Capability Month programing and introduced their new Community Navigator Pilot Program. The webinar also featured the success story of Commerce Lexington Inc., a non-profit chamber of commerce and economic development organization who leveraged Money Smart for Small Business in the delivery of a local government-led small business grant program during the Pandemic. Webinar
Town Hall Meeting Q4, 2021:
November 30, 2021
Laura Lawrence, FDIC Senior Community Affairs Specialist;
Ken Worthey, FDIC Senior Community Affairs Specialist; and
Sandra Hernandez, Community Affairs Specialist
FDIC representatives introduced the new financial education game How Money Smart Are you? and provided a recap of 2021 Money Smart for Small Business success stories. Webinar
Town Hall Meeting Q3, 2020:
August 6, 2020
Sheila Farragher, Assistant Manager, HarborOne Bank, and
Casandra Slade, SVP at Wintrust Financial Corporation.
The third quarter webinar highlighted HarborOne Bank and Wintrust Financial Corporation. Both banks shared their strategies to develop innovative, online learning approaches to engage entrepreneurs during the pandemic. Additionally, the financial institutions shared how they incorporated the Money Smart for Small Business curriculum, steps taken to launch their online platforms, and how they measure success. Webinar
Town Hall Meeting Q1, 2020:
January 23, 2020
Vicky Mundt, Director of Entrepreneurship Education, U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), and
Carol Maria, Community Affairs Specialist, FDIC
This webinar features a discussion of the summary of improvements for the recently updated Banking Services and Business Credit modules. During the webinar we hear first-hand from expert training facilitators on how to navigate through both modules and the new case study used across the two modules. It includes the same content in both to underscore the interrelatedness of banking and credit. Webinar
Town Hall Meeting Q4, 2020:
December 12, 2019
Nathaniel Bishop, Project Manager at the SBA’s Office of Entrepreneur Education,
Patrick Alcorn, University of Texas, Arlington Veterans Business Outreach Center, and
Darcella Craven, Veterans Business Resource Center, St. Louis, Missouri
During the webinar, we will hear about the SBA’s Veterans Business Outreach Centers (VBOC) and their work helping veteran-owned small businesses and veterans transitioning out of service and into entrepreneurship. The webinar highlights how both organizations incorporate the Money Smart for Small Business curriculum into their efforts. Webinar
Town Hall Meeting Q2, 2019:
June 20, 2019
Genevieve Sheridan, Executive Director MERIT, MicroEnterprise Resources and Training Our presenter, an Oregon based organization, described how she uses Money Smart for Small Business to train others on the financial aspects of owning a business. She attributed much of her success, and the knowledge she shares, to the relationship she has forged with FDIC, and her local Community Affairs Specialist. Webinar
Town Hall Meeting Q1, 2019:
March 13, 2019
Kim Cole, Community Engagement Manager for Navicore Solutions National Award Winning Financial Education Presenter Kim Cole, shares her experience in using Money Smart for Small Business (MSSB) as a trainer for the first time. Kim sought resources from the FDIC MSSB curriculum after receiving a request to start a program that provided information to small business owners, specifically daycare providers. While the daycare providers skillfully managed the day-to-day operations of their centers, they struggled with the financial management component of their business. Webinar
Town Hall Meeting Q4, 2018:
December 13, 2018
SBA Office of Entrepreneurship Education staff and FDIC Community Affairs staff SBA staff described programs and services that can complement MSSB and examples of SBA District Offices using MSSB. Three FDIC Community Affairs Specialist from the Atlanta, San Francisco and Chicago Regions described their technical assistance support to organizations interested in MSSB. Webinar
Town Hall Meeting Q3, 2018:
August 28, 2018
Candi Jaeger OIC is a rural nonprofit organization delivering all MSSB modules in four ways: On-site group sessions taught in 5-6 weeks; during a 5-week coaching program; for self-employment assistance program participants in 5-7 weeks; and stand-alone workshops featuring any specific MSSB module in response to local partner requests. Webinar
Town Hall Meeting Q2, 2018:
June 7, 2018
Maureen Wilkinson,
Sheila Farragher, and
Frank Rodriguez
A robust financial education program called HarborOne U delivers business training with a goal to increase small business borrowers and expand customer base. First Florida Bank's CRA Officer reached to his peers to form a successful MSSB network involving over 12 banks. Webinar
Town Hall Meeting Q1, 2018:
March 29, 2018
Cathay Bank (Headquartered in California) and Liberty Bank (Headquartered in Connecticut) Both institutions have a strong focus on financial education and provide direct Money Smart training to individuals and entrepreneurs. Cathay Bank delivers MSSB in English, Chinese and Spanish. Liberty Bank created a “Small Business Academy” program that includes approval of a business line of credit subject to eligibility and upon completion of the training. Webinar
Town Hall Meeting Q4, 2017:
November 9, 2017
SBA South Carolina District Office and Columbia University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Harlem, New York A Economic Development Specialist at the South Carolina SBA Office delivers all MSSB modules via webinars. No modifications to the content were needed. The Columbia University SBDC’s offering of the MSSB Cash Flow module was so successful, they started having a waiting list end eventually began offering the training multiple times a year. Fifty to eighty participants attend each class. Webinar
Town Hall Meeting Q3, 2017:
August, 24, 2017
City of Central Falls, Small Business Development Center, ACCION and Coastway Community Bank (All speakers from Rhode Island) This program illustrates how a network of organizations can work together to maximize the benefits for MSSB program participants. Each organization plays an important and distinct role in the success of entrepreneurs. Webinar
Town Hall Meeting Q2, 2017:
June 8, 2017
Urban Asset Builders, Inc. (Atlanta, Georgia) and Tampa Bay Black Business Investment Corporation (Florida) As a champion of the Money Smart Week in Georgia, Urban Asset Builders formed an MSSB Train-the-Trainer coalition involving multiple organizations that promote a year-round MSSB training calendar. Tampa Bay BBIC created a 15-week intensive entrepreneurship program using MSSB as a foundation. Applicants pay a fee to participate and get a $2,500 stipend to start or expand their business upon completion of the training and subject to other requirements. Webinar
Town Hall Meeting Q1, 2017:
March 23, 2017
Martindale Brightwood Community Development Corporation (Indianapolis, Indiana), and Atlanta Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce (Georgia) Nearly ten partners facilitate MSSB workshops and provide follow-up coaching at the Martindale CDC. Parts of nine MSSB modules are taught in seven workshops geared to prepare entrepreneurs for government contracts. The Black Chamber markets MSSB sessions to specific industries and relies on their “Business Collaborative Network” comprised of financial institutions and government agencies to teach the classes. Webinar
Town Hall Meeting Q4, 2016:
December 1, 2016
FDIC staff This is an overview of the MSSB Train-the-Trainer module consisting of three components: Instructor Guide, Participant Guide and slides. While the MSSB TtT training materials are designed for a three-hour session, this presentation is condensed to one hour. The presentation including a high level description of each MSSB module, a deeper look into the Cash Flow module to illustrate how the module components work, tips to design a MSSB Program, and the Money Smart Alliance. Webinar
Questions and Answers Fourth Quarter 2016 Form
Town Hall Meeting Q3, 2016:
July 21, 2016
United Way of Northeast Florida and Women’s Business Center at ACE Loans (Georgia) The United Way partners with the public library system to provide MSSB. Almost two dozen partners are involved in facilitating the workshops and promoting them. Participants receive help with personal finances before they are eligible to take an MSSB class. The WBC is part of ACE, which is an SBA and USDA lender, and a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). ACE offers MSSB in English and Spanish preceded by one-on-one counseling sessions to entrepreneurs seeking a business loan. Webinar
Town Hall Meeting Q2, 2016:
April 21, 2016
Minority Business Development Center Richmond (Virginia) and Purdue University Extension Marion County (Indiana) The Richmond Minority Business Development Center focuses on disadvantaged business enterprises and offers three MSSB sessions per year, one module per week from 4-6 pm. Low interest loans up to $25,000 are available for eligible participants that complete the training program. The Extension program in Marion County found value in MSSB because rural businesses are usually offered technical training to manage a farm but not business concepts to maintain a successful business. Webinar
Town Hall Meeting Q1, 2016:
January 21, 2016
FDIC Staff This is an overview of three important MSSB product developments in 2015: Launching of the MSSB Good Fit, Planning and Cash Flow modules; availability of all 13 modules for online download, and Spanish translation of all 13 modules. An overview of the Credit Reporting, Time Management and Risk Management modules is also provided. Presentation

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