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Summary of New Deposit Insurance Application Activities

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, in its role as deposit insurer and federal regulator, reviews applications submitted by individuals and other entities for approval to establish new FDIC-insured institutions.

Summary information on these applications is provided below.

Pending New Deposit Insurance Applications
Data as of December 1, 2020
Institution Name City State Date Received
Rhinebeck Commercial Bank Poughkeepsie NY 11/25/2020
American Challenger Bank, National Association Stamford CT 11/18/2020
Integrity Bank for Business Virginia Beach VA 11/04/2020
Highlands Banking Company Highlands NC 10/20/2020
Multi-Bank Fort Lauderdale FL 10/06/2020
Climate First Bank Saint Petersburg FL 10/02/2020
ViZ Bank & Trust, National Association New Orleans LA 09/30/2020
Cypress Bank and Trust Melbourne FL 08/05/2020
First Bank of Central Ohio Worthington OH 07/29/2020
Edward Jones Bank Salt Lake City UT 07/01/2020
OUR Community Bank Hialeah FL 06/23/2020
Genesis Bank Newport Beach CA 06/05/2020
GreatAmerica Bank Salt Lake City UT 03/04/2020
Legacy Bank Temecula CA 11/07/2019

View approved applications: New Deposit Insurance Applications