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Hurricane Irene (2011)

The FDIC is working cooperatively with all of the state and federal banking agencies and other organizations to determine the status of the financial institutions located in the affected areas. In an effort to provide information to those affected by Hurricane Irene, we are developing information and providing links to answer your questions about your banks.

The Web site will be updated frequently as information is made available.

Financial Institutions Affected by Natural Disasters – Customer Contact and Branch Information
The FDIC has created a searchable webpage of financial institutions and branches affected by natural disasters. The FDIC will provide the best available consumer contact and branch information for all institutions headquartered in the affected area. This information will be updated as it becomes available to the FDIC and other state and federal regulators.

FDIC Actions

The FDIC has issued letters to bankers encouraging them to work with borrowers in the areas hit hard by the storm. In turn, consumers and business owners experiencing difficulties beyond their control should feel free to actively reach out and work with their financial institutions.

Lessons Learned From Hurricane Katrina

Financial Regulators

Government Agencies Providing Help

Last Updated: August 30, 2011