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Information for Consumers and Bankers in Areas of Louisiana Affected by Storms and Flooding

The FDIC is working cooperatively with all the state and federal banking agencies and other organizations to determine the status of financial institutions located in the affected areas.  If you have questions concerning the operations of your financial institution, please call your financial institution or visit your financial institution's web site.  General preparedness information and state specific information may be obtained through the following web sites.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (
This website contains links to disaster survivor assistance and how to apply for assistance in the event you are impacted by the storm. You also may follow FEMA on Twitter and Facebook. (
This site contains valuable information on developing personal preparedness plans as well as flooding safety tips.
Red Cross (
The Red Cross site contains information on how to donate and volunteer to provide disaster assistance. Also, follow the "Get Assistance" tab for information on shelter locations, disaster recovery guidelines and how to register for the "Search the Safe and Well" registry.
State Agencies
See how your state is responding to the flooding. Information includes information on road closures, shelters, power outages, and other useful information.
FDIC Actions
The FDIC is drafting a letter to bankers encouraging them to work with borrowers in the areas hit hard by the storm. In turn, consumers and business owners experiencing difficulties beyond their control should actively reach out to and work with their financial institutions.

Government Agencies Providing Help