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Money Smart News Success Stories – Spring/Summer 2018

An Introduction to Some FDIC Money Smart Alliance Members…and Their Successes

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In this edition of Money Smart News, we highlight some of our Alliance members (organizations that agree to use or promote the Money Smart curriculum). Through one-on-one interviews with representatives of these organizations, we learned a lot about their experiences using Money Smart in their communities.

Payroll check statement with descriptions: Name & Address of Employer, Bank the Check is Drawn on, Date & Amount of Check, Pay Period Information, Employee Identifying Information, and Current & YTD Amounts.

Earnings Statement with descriptions and amounts: Payroll Check with $466.34, Pay Type column, Employee Name column, Employee Number column, Period Beginning and End columns, Check Date column. Also boxes for Year To Date totals for six categories.

To provide financial education training for a homeschool class, Red River Bank produced a revised version of a Money Smart for Young People handout from the “Bread and Butter (Managing Your Paycheck)” module (see example above).

Tips for Financial Educators from Money Smart Alliance Members

Preparing to teach financial education? Here are a few tips that can help you use Money Smart more effectively.

Know your audience. “With advance knowledge of who your audience will be, prepare accordingly and enjoy the opportunity to have a positive impact on your communities.”
–Cherilyn Parker, CRA Officer, First Savings Bank of Hegewisch, Homewood, IL

Partner with local organizations. “As a financial institution, we have found that partnering with local organizations to provide financial education allows us to maximize our resources and have a greater impact.”
–F. Jannease Seastrunk, CRA Officer, Red River Bank, Alexandria, LA

Plan ahead. “Knowing what resources are available at the location you will be presenting helps to ensure engaging activities with your audience.”
–Jesse M. Ketterman, Jr., Extension Educator, University of Maryland Extension, Western Maryland Center, Cumberland, MD

It’s not in the numbers. “If you help just one person improve their financial situation, you have accomplished success.”
–Jim Watkins, CRA Officer, Limestone Bank, Louisville, KY

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