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Small Business Lending

FDIC's Small Business Lending Survey

The Small Business Lending Survey is a nationally-representative survey of U.S. banks and their small business lending practices. The report of survey findings offers new information for both small and large banks on many aspects of their small business lending. The results provide context for the implications of current bank consolidation trends on U.S. small businesses. Approximately 1,200 banks—more than one-sixth of the FDIC-insured institutions in the United States—responded to the survey.

Small Business Lending Survey Report

Money Smart for Small Business

Launched in 2012 and developed jointly by the FDIC and SBA, Money Smart for Small Business is comprised of 13 modules on topics related to managing and starting a business.  It is a free, web-based training resource. Each module includes a fully scripted Instructor Guide, Participant Guide, and content in English and Spanish.

MoneySmart for Small Business

Money Smart para Pequeñas Empresas

Other Reference Materials

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FDIC Forum "Overcoming Obstacles to Small Business Lending," January 13, 2011.

FDIC Small Business Forum: Issues Raised

Microenterprise Development: A Primer - PDF (PDF Help)
FDIC Quarterly, 4th Quarter, 2010

Additional information and resources are available throughout the menu on the left side of this page, including a link to the new Business Assistance Form (En Español) that provides a form for small businesses that may have an inquiry or concern about the availability of credit.

National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Monthly Survey