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Youth Banking Resource Center

Lessons from the FDIC Pilot

Linking Youth Savings with Financial Education: Lessons from the FDIC Pilot, summarizes the experiences of 21 diverse banks, during the FDIC’s two-year pilot, in designing and implementing youth savings programs. It identifies promising approaches and lessons learned from combining traditional, classroom-based financial education with the opportunity to open a safe, low-cost savings account. The report defines a range of models that offer banks flexibility to adapt to varying opportunities to promote youth savings. 

Linking Youth Savings with Financial Education: Lessons from the FDIC Pilot
- Entire Report - PDF 2Mb

Forward - PDF 43Kb

Introduction - PDF 208Kb
The FDIC Youth Savings Pilot
The Advantages of Experiential Financial Education
Using this Report

Lessons from the Youth Savings Pilot - PDF 1Mb
Designing a Youth Savings Program
Initiating and Sustaining Partnerships
Choosing What Type of Accounts to Offer
Delivering Effective Financial Education
Taking Stock of the Costs of Youth Savings Programs
Measuring Performance and Impact

Creating Youth Savings Opportunities - PDF 552Kb
Phase I: Early Planning
Phase II: Design the Program
Phase III. Finalize and Document Agreements
Phase IV. Implement the Program
Phase V. Assess and Refine the Program

Conclusion - PDF 204Kb

Appendix A: Youth Savings Pilot Programs - PDF 83Kb

Appendix B: Accounts Opened During 2015–16 School Year - PDF 44Kb

Appendix C: Research Methodology - PDF 50Kb
Data Collection Methods

Appendix D: Resources - PDF 63Kb
Programmatic Resources
Educational Resources
Relevant Research

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