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Federal Deposit
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Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

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2002 Annual Report

II. Performance Results

Program Performance Results


Insurance Program Results

Strategic Goal: Insured depositors are protected from loss without recourse to taxpayer funding.
Annual Performance Goal Indicator Target Results
  1. FDIC is prepared to deal with all financial institution closings and emerging issues.
Number of business days after institution failure by which depositors will have access to insured funds either through transfer of deposits to successor insured depository institution or depositor payout. If the failure occurs on a Friday, the target is one business day. Achieved
If the failure occurs on any other day of the week, the target is two business days. Achieved
  1. Identify and address risks to the insurance funds.
Maintain and improve off-site risk identification model(s). Review and enhance existing FDIC off-site risk identification models to address credit, agricultural, real estate, technology and other risks by December 31, 2002. Achieved
Assess risks posed by large insured depository institutions. Assess risks in 100 percent of large insured depository institutions and adopt appropriate strategy. Achieved
Identify and follow up on concerns referred for examination or other action (e.g., contact the insured institution or primary supervisor). Identify and follow up on 100 percent of referrals. Achieved
Disseminate data and analyses on current issues and risks affecting the banking industry to bankers, supervisors, stakeholders and the public. Analyses are included in regular publications or as ad-hoc reports on a timely basis. Achieved
Conduct industry outreach aimed at the banking community and industry trade groups to discuss current trends and concerns and to inform bankers about available FDIC resources. Achieved
  1. Maintain sufficient and reliable information on insured depository institutions.
Maintain and improve the Research Information System (RIS), which serves as the foundation of most analysis and statistical reporting for the FDIC. Update and expand data availability in RIS. Achieved
Develop a more efficient approach to bank data collection and management. Develop project scope, evaluate technical alternatives, prepare recommendations and establish implementation schedule. Achieved
  1. Maintain and improve the deposit insurance system.
Continue the comprehensive deposit insurance review initiated in 2000. Work with the Congress to develop and pass a reform package. Achieved
Develop pricing recommendations and implementation plans for inclusion in a notice and comment rulemaking during 2002. On Hold
Identify and review possible modifications to the Risk-Related Premium System (RRPS). Develop and analyze baseline data of implemented modification results. Achieved
Assess the feasibility of developing objective screens for the RRPS that identify financial institutions demonstrating excessive risk, such as certain types of credit risk, market risk and operational risk. Achieved
Analyze the accuracy of projected losses to and reserves for the insurance funds. Review discrepancies between projected failed assets and actual failed assets by applying sophisticated analytical techniques to examine the effectiveness of the loss projection model and adjust the system accordingly. Achieved
Perform comprehensive analysis of all aspects of reserving methodology and implement enhancements as necessary. Achieved
Maintain the reserve balance to insured deposits. Maintain the designated reserve ratio (DRR) as required by statute, using the DRR target. Achieved


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