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Office of the Ombudsman

Services and Activities Report 2023

Last Updated: April 18, 2024
2023 Office of the Ombudsman Services and Activities Report - Download The Full Report (PDF, 8 Pages)

Acting Director’s Message

Since January 1, 2024, I have been honored to lead the Office of the Ombudsman as the Acting Director. To this role, I bring experiences in various management capacities in risk management, internal controls, and auditing, since joining the FDIC in 2009.

Our annual report captures and aggregates the work of the Office of the Ombudsman during 2023. This report shares common themes of stakeholder feedback and requests for assistance that we received in 2023. Our Regional Ombudsmen continued a robust outreach program to help ensure all FDIC-supervised institutions are aware of the services offered by the Office.

The Office continues to fulfill its responsibilities on the Supervision Appeals Review Committee (SARC). The SARC reviews appeals of material supervisory determinations from insured depository institutions (IDI). As a non-voting member of the SARC, the Ombudsman is a neutral advocate for a fair appeals process and provides the Office’s perspective on the matters presented.

Former Director Anthony Lowe retired in November 2023, and we are focused on re-establishing permanent leadership in the Office and continuing to ensure that institutions are treated fairly throughout the FDIC’s examination, supervisory, and resolution processes. We welcome your feedback on this report and stand ready to assist your institution.

Jill A. Lennox, Ombudsman

Jill A. Lennox

Acting Director

Our Core Mission

The Office of the Ombudsman is an independent, neutral, and confidential resource and liaison for the banking industry and general public to facilitate the resolution of problems and complaints against the FDIC in a fair, impartial, and timely manner.

The Office of the Ombudsman provides prompt and meaningful feedback to influence positive change.