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Office of the Ombudsman

Examples of Assistance provided by the Office of the Ombudsman

Last Updated: December 07 , 2023

Facilitating Communication

Management of a bank met with FDIC officials and requested the attendance of the Office of the Ombudsman. During the meeting, the Ombudsman was able to promote communication to allow for a clear understanding of the concerns by all parties.

Correcting Factual Errors

Bank management contacted the Office of the Ombudsman about information considered inaccurate in a final Report of Examination. The Ombudsman contacted Regional management to communicate the bank’s concerns. Upon further review, a decision was made that the information in dispute was incorrect; the Report was promptly corrected and reissued.

Facilitating the Resolution of Material Supervisory Concerns

The Office of the Ombudsman was contacted by a banker about a potential component rating downgrade. Before the Report of Examination was finalized, the Regional Ombudsman was able to bring the banker’s concerns to Regional management’s attention. During the secondary review, the component rating in question was reviewed and a decision was made the component rating would not be downgraded.

Providing Feedback at Appropriate Levels in FDIC

When the number or nature of comments received from the industry about a regulatory issue indicates a trend, the Office of the Ombudsman reports the issue to FDIC's executive management for consideration and possible action. For example, our Office has heard from bankers about inconsistencies with the examination process and raised those concerns to FDIC management, who responded by discussing the matter with staff, and in some cases facilitating additional staff training.