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Advisory Committee on Economic Inclusion (ComE-IN)

Member Biography - John Ryan

Photo of John RyanJohn W. Ryan
President and CEO
Conference of State Bank Supervisors

John Ryan leads the national organization of financial regulators from all 50 states and U.S. territories (District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands). He has been President and CEO since 2011 and previously was Executive Vice President (2003-2011) and Assistant Vice President of Legislative Affairs (1997-2003) at CSBS. John also led the financial services consulting practice at a public affairs firm, and worked on the U.S. House Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs committee. He has a B.A. in political science and economics from the University of California at Berkeley.

Throughout his career, John has spoken and written extensively on the nation’s dual banking system, the importance of community banking, and emerging issues such as the regulation of non-depositories and financial technology. During moments of signature federal legislation concerning the financial system -- such as the Gramm-Leach-Bilely Act, Housing and Economic Recovery Act (2008), and Dodd-Frank Act -- John has helped to define the contributions and accountabilities of state financial regulators.

Indeed, state regulators have a broader scope of authority and public mandate than other financial regulators. State regulators charter and oversee roughly three-fourths of all U.S. banks and the vast majority of non-depository institutions. State-regulated institutions have supported roughly one-half of all small business lending and three-fourths of rural lending in the U.S. And the mandate of most state regulators is equally broad: to ensure the financial safety and soundness of the financial system, protect consumers and – unique to the states -- support local economic growth.

For these regulators, John leads the professional staff at CSBS, which is the mechanism through which state regulators develop policy, engage with their federal counterparts, the Administration and Congress, originate research on industry trends, identify best practices, and conduct professional development. CSBS supports the membership of state regulators on the Federal Stability and Oversight Council and Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council. Additionally, CSBS operates the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System, the states’ system of record for more than 60 state financial agencies and authorized by federal law for nationwide mortgage licensing.