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Legal Division Honors Attorney Program

Last Updated: December 20, 2022

Where to Find Us

The success of the FDIC in fulfilling its mission depends on the people of FDIC.

We are looking for outstanding students in their final year of law school, new law school graduates in a post-graduate program, and recently graduated judicial clerks for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s highly competitive two-year entry-level Honors Attorney Program.

As a result of the FDIC's commitment to building a work environment that supports and fosters a diverse workforce, we attend a number of professional and diversity recruiting events.

A calendar of events is to be determined. Due to COVID-19, participation in all events is subject to change.

Date Event Organization Location
January 11, 2023 UNC Winter 2023 Meet the Tar Heels Reception University of North Carolina School of Law Virtual
January 20, 2023 2023 Public Sector Recruiting Program Georgetown University Law Center and The George Washington University Law School Virtual
January 27, 2023 DC/Baltimore Public Service Recruitment Fair Washington, DC and Baltimore Area Law Schools Virtual
February 3, 2023 Public Service Table Talk at the University of Texas at Austin University of Texas at Austin School of Law In-Person
February 7, 2023 The Ohio State Law Public Sector Interview Program The Ohio State University School of Law In-Person
March 2, 2023 Georgia Law School Consortium Public Sector Career Fair Georgia Law School Consortium Virtual