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Legal Division Honors Attorney Program

Last Updated: August 17, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Online the Honors Attorney Program positions are listed as not telework eligible. Can you explain?

The FDIC continually assesses the impact of COVID-19 upon its workforce. As a result, all employees are teleworking. Once the FDIC implements Phase 3 of its Return to Office Plan, all Honors Attorney Program participants will be required to report to Headquarters.

When will I hear from you about an interview?

We intend to begin our interviews for the 2022 Honors Attorney Program in October 2021. We contact prospective interviewees by telephone and/or email beginning in October.

How will I know if my application is being considered?

We consider all applications "live" until we send you a letter indicating that we are no longer considering your application

I live far from Washington and some states have travel restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Are you planning on conducting in-person interviews?

We are continually assessing the impact of COVID-19. At this time, we anticipate conducting virtual interviews.

When will you make offers to successful applicants?

For the 2022 Honors Attorney Program we can make offers any time from October 2021 through late January 2022.

How are offers made?

We first make a "tentative" offer by telephone, followed by an email that includes an application link used for the required background check. Assuming the background check reveals no problems, we then send a formal offer letter with proposed grade and salary as well as the start date. Please note that the background check can take up to two months to complete.

To whom should I address my cover letter?

You may address your cover letter to the "Honors Attorney Program Manager."

Do you pay relocation expenses?

The FDIC does not pay relocation expenses under the Honors Attorney Program.

What is the salary for a Honors Attorney?

The 2021 base salary range for a Honors Attorney Program participant is $83,329 - $92,726. The 2021 base salary with locality pay for a Honors Attorney Program participant is $107,928 - $120,099; graduates with an advanced legal degree or judicial clerkship experience may start at a higher salary within this range. Pay rates for 2022 will be set in early 2022.

What are your employee benefits?

The FDIC provides a very comprehensive benefits package, including a wide variety of health plan offerings under the Federal Employee Health Benefits program, transit subsidy, bar dues reimbursement, on-site fitness center, life insurance coverage, dental and vision coverage, and a tax-deferred 401(k) and Thrift Savings Plan programs with matching FDIC contributions. Program participants will also receive 10 paid federal holidays, 13 days each of annual leave and sick leave per year, and paid parental leave.

What are you looking for in my application package?

We are looking for complete application packages, which should include but are not limited to:

  • a cover letter;
  • a resume, which may exceed more than one page and should emphasize honors, awards and achievements achieved during law school and undergraduate school, and legal experience and scholarly activities during law school and undergraduate school;
  • an unedited persuasive writing sample of no more than 15 pages;
  • names and contact information for two references; and
  • all law school transcripts, official or unofficial in a format generated by the law school (photocopy acceptable), and class rank, if possible, for all law schools attended. Include an explanation of any unusual grading system. Self-prepared transcripts cannot be submitted in lieu of a law school transcript.

Go to Application for more information.

Can I amend attachments to my application package while the application submission period is open?

The FDIC will only review a candidate’s latest application package. Any data or documents from a previous submission will not be reviewed.

Two job posting are available online on USAJobs. What is the difference between the Law Clerk position and the Honors Attorney position?

The Law Clerk positions ( are open for individuals who are not admitted to practice upon joining the FDIC. Upon admission to a state bar, applicants will be reclassified as an Attorney. If you do not acquire bar membership within 14 months of appointment, the appointment terminates.

The Attorney Advisor positions ( are open for individuals who have passed the bar exam and been admitted to the bar of the highest court of a state or the District of Columbia upon joining the FDIC.

While a permanent appointment beyond the temporary 24-month appointment cannot be guaranteed, successful completion of the Honors Attorney Program may lead to a permanent appointment in the FDIC’s Legal Division.

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