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Directors' College Program

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Kansas City Region Directors' College Program

The Directors’ College is an interactive one-day seminar focused on educating bank directors on their duties and responsibilities, as well as highlighting emerging issues in the banking industry. It is designed to help directors, both new and experienced, stay abreast of the changing regulatory and economic environment.

Breakout Session Descriptions
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General Session
This general session will start the day off with a discussion on the many important roles and responsibilities of bank directors.  The session will also cover emerging issues that will be of interest to all bank directors.  Topics to be discussed include corporate planning and legal liability issues, insights gained from the recent banking crisis, and highlights of new compliance and capital regulations.

Loan Portfolio Management
Is the Watch List All I Need?  What Else Should I Watch Out for?  This session addresses expectations for directors in regards to overseeing the bank’s lending function.  We will also touch on the regulatory approach to assessing the Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses and some important loan underwriting and credit administration issues.    

Commercial Real Estate
This session reflects on experiences gained during the recent banking crisis and provides a review of key elements of the outstanding guidance for managing CRE concentrations.  As the business cycle is evolving, the session also includes regulatory comments regarding effective loan workout strategies.

Insider Fraud
Pressure, opportunity, and rationalization combine to create an environment known as the Fraud Triangle.  This session explains each of these concepts in detail and discusses how you can break the triangle and prevent insider fraud in your institution.  The discussion will also outline several common schemes, which may help you prevent similar frauds at your bank.

Red Flags for Directors
This is an informative session designed to help directors identify red flags for potential problems in a range of topical areas including strategic planning and growth, board reporting, lending, auditing and internal controls, insider transactions, consumer protection, and general regulatory matters. 

Bank Secrecy Act
The Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Anti-Money Laundering regulations remain regulatory hot topics.  This session outlines BSA and related regulations.  Directors will learn how to effectively oversee management of your BSA department and review common missteps in BSA oversight.

Asset Liability Management – Hot Topics
This session is packed with information on asset liability management topics.  It starts with a discussion of the new requirements for pre-purchase analysis of bonds.  The discussion then moves on to bank balance sheets trending toward longer term assets and regulatory expectations for managing long term interest rate risk.  The presentation concludes with tips for managing liquidity risks. 

This presentation reviews the fundamentals of an effective compliance management system and discusses a number of compliance-related “hot topics”.  Learn what questions you should be asking as a Director and hear why an effective compliance management system is vital to your institution. 

Fair lending and the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)
As a director, how much do you know about fair lending and CRA and how they affect your institution?  In this one hour break-out session, get a basic overview of the regulations, their implications, and what you need to know and understand about CRA and fair lending.

Third-Party Risk
Does your bank utilize third-party business partners or vendors?  Attend this session to learn about the potential risks arising from these third-party relationships and how to ensure your bank has implemented an appropriate risk management program. 

How Does the FDIC View Agricultural Banking
The FDIC published an article in the Winter 2010 Supervisory Insights Journal entitled, “Managing Agricultural Credit Concentrations,” that detailed the FDIC’s expectations regarding banks’ management of ag credit portfolio risks.  During this breakout session, you can hear what the FDIC believes are today’s agricultural credit risks, as well as what the FDIC views as best practices to manage those risks. 

Information Technology – A Business Enabler with Risk
While technology fosters considerable benefits, it also harbors considerable risk….and the two cannot be separated.  Technology enables us to expand and better manage business lines and improve efficiencies.  However, a technology failure can lead to severe business disruptions.  This discussion will help directors set a security conscious tone for the bank.  The presentation also includes important information about a number of emerging technologies and issues that your bank may be considering.

Accounting and Auditing Topics for Today and Tomorrow
Major accounting changes are on the horizon.  This presentation includes a technical discussion of existing and proposed accounting guidance impacting the Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses and the categorization and measurement of assets.  Given all the proposed changes that may impact your bank, we will also discuss how to select an appropriate external audit strategy.

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