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FDIC Community Banking Study
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FDIC Community Banking Study

The FDIC's Community Banking Study is a data-driven effort to identify and explore issues and questions about community banks. This study is intended to be foundational, providing a platform for future research and analysis by the FDIC and other interested parties.

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Full Report
  • Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • Chapter 1 - Defining the Community Bank
  • Chapter 2 - Structural Change Among Community and Noncommunity Banks
  • Chapter 3 - The Geography of Community Banks
  • Chapter 4 - Comparative Financial Performance: Community versus Noncommunity Banks
  • Chapter 5 - Comparative Performance of Community Bank Lending Specialty Groups
  • Chapter 6 - Capital Formation at Community Banks
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix A - Details of the Research Definition of the Community Bank
  • Appendix B - Regulatory Compliance Costs - A Summary of Interviews with Community Bankers

FDIC Targeted Research on Community Banks
As part of the overall Community Banking Study, the FDIC conducted targeted research about specific issues and questions related to community banks.

FDIC Community Banking Study Reference Data
The FDIC Community Banking study relies on a comprehensive database that enables consistent analysis across the industry beginning in 1984.


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