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Money Smart for Older Adults

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Last Updated: October 4, 2022
teacher and class of older adults

The Money Smart for Older Adults Program raises awareness among older adults and their caregivers on how to prevent elder financial exploitation and encourages advance planning and informed financial decision-making. Money Smart for Older Adults was developed jointly by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection. The curriculum consists of an Instructor Guide, PowerPoint slides, and a take-home resource guide. Materials are available in both English and Spanish. The materials are available for immediate download at Money Smart – Teach – For Older Adults.

The activities are included in the Resource Guide.

A separate, stand-alone handout with COVID-19 scams and planning tips is also available.

Money Smart for Older Adults Facts


The free instructor-led curriculum covers seven topics:

  • Common Types of Elder Financial Exploitation
  • Scams Targeting Veterans
  • Identity Theft
  • Medical Identity Theft
  • Scams that Target Homeowners
  • Planning for Unexpected Life Events
  • How to Be Financially Prepared for Disasters

Module Activities

There are four participant activities included in the module’s Resource Guide.

  • Telephone Scams
  • Scam Debt Collection
  • Identity Theft Self-Check
  • How Financially Prepared Are You?

90 – 120 Minutes

Learn about common types of fraud and scams and how to prevent elder financial exploitation. Most importantly, discover ways to keep your information safe and secure through advanced planning.

Additional Resources

  • Recovering from Elder Financial Exploitation: A framework for policy and research - PDF (
  • Implementation Ideas

    For examples of how several organizations have used the curriculum to inform and protect seniors and their caregivers, read a success story in Money Smart News.

    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is prohibited from endorsing any specific organizations. Money Smart users must ensure that their publicity, advertisements, and public statements do not use the FDIC name or logo to imply that FDIC endorses their organization or its products or services.


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