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February 2022 Success Stories

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Last Updated: April 21, 2022

Ameris Bank Uses Money Smart for Young People to Bring Financial Education to Local Youth

In this month’s edition, we highlight how Ameris Bank collaborated with a local nonprofit to teach financial literacy to children. Sheryl Rogers is a branch market manager at Ameris Bank in Donalsonville, Ga. There, she helped partner with The Friendship House of Jesus, a nonprofit organization that provides a safe environment for children ages 8-19 after school. She started conducting weekly financial education sessions using Money Smart in January 2021.

Each session had about 10-12 students. She taught Money Smart lessons on savings accounts, budgets and planning for college. “I have a passion for educating our youth and they don’t get a lot of financial education in the local school systems,” Sheryl noted.

Sheryl suggests that other teachers of Money Smart for Young People bring in visuals for students to interact with the lesson. “I brought in check registers, blank checks, budget forms and other items for them to complete during the lesson. I think they got a better understanding with the items in hand.” Have other tips? Please share them with

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