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Fall 2020 Success Stories

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Last Updated: April 20, 2022

Money Smart Users Continue to Adapt to Virtual Learning

We continue to hear from our Money Smart Alliance members on how they conduct virtual trainings, after our last Spring-Summer Success Story. In this edition, we share new inspiration for your efforts.

First, Jennifer Rodriquez with the Lutheran Family Services in Albuquerque, NM reports success with conducting small group classes virtually. Her sessions feature interpretations in Dari, Swahili, Arabic and Spanish. She condensed what her organization normally provides over five workshops into two, two-hour sessions.

While this provided good results, she plans to extend the classes in November to three sessions instead of two. The additional time will allow her to include other Money Smart games and videos.

Second, longtime Money Smart user Andrea Young, CRA Officer for Apex Bank in Camden, TN, shared her bank’s new plans. “Building on the interest in the Money Smart events we have held for years, I now have all Apex Bank’s upper management on board to infuse financial education into all our activities in the bank.  For example, we are looking at providing a discounted origination fee if a customer successfully completes a module that corresponds to the type of loan requested.” Ms. Young added that the bank is considering a new initiative for employers that will include the bank providing financial education to the employees of participating businesses.  “Using the Computer Based Learning modules appears to be the best way to accomplish this, particularly when our activity within the schools and community events is being limited right now,” Ms. Young shared.

We hope that reading stories like this one will give you ideas and inspiration to foster new collaborations in your community.  Money Smart offers resources to help people at different ages and stages, such as when needing to prioritize which bills to pay first because money is short. If you want help from the FDIC on getting started, or if you can help others by sharing the ways you use Money Smart, please email us at or contact Section Chief Luke Reynolds at or (202) 898-7164.

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