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Minority Depository Institutions Program

MDI Events


Periodically the FDIC supports online events.

Regional Roundtables

Periodically, the FDIC hosts facilitated group discussion sessions throughout the country. The intent of these sessions is to provide a periodic forum in which MDI’s can meet with other MDIs and their regulatory agencies to discuss issues facing the industry. The sessions also serve as opportunity to identify issues of interest that impact the minority banking community, and recommended avenues that would make the MDI outreach efforts more effective. Each FDIC Region is responsible for hosting their respective roundtable event. Please contact your respective Regional MDI Coordinator for dates and locations.

FDIC Events

The Interagency Minority Depository Institution and CDFI Bank Conference is held every two years.
Interagency Minority Depository Institution and CDFI Bank Conference
Event Title Location Date Registration Status
2019 San Francisco Region MDI Roundtable Los Angeles, CA August 2, 2019 Open July 2019
2019 Interagency MDI and CDFI Bank Conference Arlington, VA June 25-26, 2019 Opening Early April 2019

Other MDI Events

The FDIC occasionally co-sponsors or supports events that support Minority Depository Institutions.

Past MDI Events