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Minority Depository Institutions Program

If you need assistance or have questions about the FDIC’s MDI program, please contact your respective Regional Coordinator listed below.

Regional MDI Coordinators
Region Coordinator Phone
Atlanta Tanelia Major (678) 916-2426
Chicago Shaundalon L. Hasty (312) 382-7509
Dallas Corin J. Thomlinson (972) 761-8052
Kansas City Andrea L. Pruitt (816) 234-8549
New York Whitney Thomas Toussaint (917) 320-2617
San Francisco Tamarra Barnes (415) 808-8268
San Francisco Jaclyn Valderrama (415) 808-8279
Washington, DC Jesse Garcia (202) 898-3684
Washington, DC Chuck Hunter (202) 898-6873

National Director, Minority and Community Development Banking
National Director Phone
Betty J. Rudolph (202) 898-8938
Senior Review Examiner Phone
Misty Mobley (202) 898-3771
Senior Program Specialist Phone
Sandra Kerr (202) 898-7116