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Request for Comment
Proposed Guidance for Third Party Lending

On July 29, 2016, the FDIC published Financial Institution Letter FIL-50-2016 FDIC Seeking Comment on Proposed Guidance for Third Party Lending.

The FDIC has received the following comments:

Date Comments From Comments
10/27/2016 Americans for Financial Reform Comment
10/27/2016 Center for Responsible Lending, et al. Comment
10/27/2016 WebBank Comment
10/27/2016 Global Debt Registry Comment
10/27/2016 Reinvestment Partners Comment
10/27/2016 Electronic Transactions Association Comment
10/27/2016 National Consumer Law Center, et al. Comment
10/27/2016 Center for Financial Services Innovation Comment
10/27/2016 The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Office of the Attorney General Comment
10/27/2016 Oregon Bankers Association Comment
10/27/2016 International Bancshares Corporation Comment
10/27/2016 Independent Community Bankers of America Comment
10/27/2016 Virginia Bankers Association Comment
10/27/2016 Cross River Bank Comment
10/26/2016 Buckley Sandler LLP (on behalf of Oportun, Inc.) Comment
10/26/2016 Milken Institute Center for Financial Markets Comment
10/26/2016 EnerBank USA Comment
10/26/2016 American Bankers Association Comment
10/26/2016 Vernon Tanner, Crescent Mortgage Company Comment
10/21/2016 Austin Capital Bank Comment
10/19/2016 Brad Smith, Cornerstone Advisors Comment
10/17/2016 Mercatus Center at George Mason University Comment
09/27/2016 Kutak Rock LLP Comment
09/23/2016 People's Intermountain Bank Comment
09/22/2016 Mastercard Comment
08/15/2016 Bruce MacNaughton, Bank of the Pacific Comment
08/01/2016 Renata Miller, Boston Private Comment
07/29/2016 Peter Lenkoski Comment