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Public Comments to the FDIC

Proposed Regulations

The FDIC publishes proposed regulations in the FDIC Federal Register Citations. This site provides the text of the regulation in both text and PDF formats. Instructions for submitting comments are included in the preamble to each proposed regulation.

Proposed Guidelines

The FDIC will occasionally solicit comments for draft guidelines regarding various industry issues.

Date Topic
July 29, 2016 Comments on Proposed Guidance for Third Party Lending
November 13, 2015 Comments on Brokered Deposit FAQs
August 11, 2010 Comments on Overdraft Payment Supervisory Guidance


Institution Applications

The FDIC publishes applications submitted by regulated banks and savings institutions for such actions as mergers and branch relocations. You can search applications by type, state or FDIC supervisory region for name and address of the institution, type of application, date the comment period closes, and the FDIC address for submitting comments on the application.

Applications Subject to the Community Reinvestment Act

CRA - Related Agreements (CRA Sunshine)