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Applications, Notices, & Reporting Forms
Bank Supervision: Applications

Information on downloading and using these files is at: PDF Help & Word Help. Unless otherwise noted, all forms are less than 250k.

Form Title/Number     Available via FDICconnect?
Application for Consent to Exercise Trust Powers
FDIC 6200/09
PDF file
Application Pursuant to Section 19 of the FDI Act
FDIC 6710/07
Interagency Bank Merger Act Application
FDIC 6220/01
PDF file    
Interagency Charter and Federal Deposit Insurance Application
FDIC 6200/05
PDF file    
Loan/Application Register
FDIC 3064-0046
(Formerly FDIC 6440/12)
PDF file Word file
Personal Financial Statement
FDIC 7600-01
PDF file    
Applications Pursuant to Prompt Corrective Action     yes
Application for Brokered Deposit Waiver     yes
Application to Establish or Relocate Domestic Branch or Office     yes
Application for an Extension of Time     yes
Application to Enter Contracts and Make Golden Parachute or Excess Severance Plan Payments     yes
Application to Reduce or Retire Capital Stock or Capital Debt     yes
Application to Customize EDIE for Your Bank's Website     yes