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Affordable Small-Dollar Loan Products
Final Guidelines
June 19, 2007

Summary: The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has issued the attached "Affordable Small-Dollar Loan Guidelines" that encourage financial institutions to offer small-dollar credit products and to promote these products to their customers. The products should be affordable, yet safe and sound, and consistent with all applicable federal and state laws.


  • Small-dollar loans are in strong demand. The goal of a small-dollar loan program is to enable insured institutions to better serve an underserved and potentially profitable market, while helping consumers avoid, or transition away from, reliance on high-cost debt.
  • The guidelines encourage insured institutions to offer small-dollar loan products that have affordable, reasonable interest rates with no or low fees and payments that reduce the principal balance of the loan.
  • As part of their programs, institutions may consider offering financial education and a savings component in order for borrowers to reduce their reliance on high-cost, short-term credit.
  • During a Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) examination, FDIC examiners may favorably consider small-dollar loan programs when evaluating the lending performance of small, intermediate-small, and large institutions. A small-dollar loan program may be viewed as uniquely responsive in helping to meet the credit needs of a community.

FDIC-Supervised Banks (Commercial and Savings)

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Affordable Small-Dollar Loan Guidelines

Robert Mooney, Acting Deputy Director, Compliance & Consumer Protection, at (202) 898-3911 or RMooney@fdic.gov;
April Breslaw, Acting Associate Director, Compliance Policy & Examination Support Branch, at (202) 898-6609 or APBreslaw@fdic.gov;
Mira Marshall, Acting Chief, CRA/Fair Lending Section, at (202) 898-3912 or MMarshall@fdic.gov;
or Carol Rosa, Policy Analyst, at
(202) 898-8515 or CRosa@fdic.gov

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