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FDIC Consumer News - Summer 2018
25th Anniversary Edition

About This Special Edition

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has been publishing FDIC Consumer News quarterly since the fall of 1993 to deliver timely, reliable and innovative tips and information about financial matters, free of charge. In recognition of the 25th anniversary of the newsletter, we have issued this special edition — a collection of some of our more popular articles through the years, condensed and updated, with one article from each year going back to 1993. 

A lot has changed in banking and financial services for American consumers, from an increase in the FDIC deposit insurance limit (going from $100,000 to $250,000) to major technological advancements (transitioning from basic banking at branches to mobile banking from anywhere with smartphones and apps).  Something that hasn’t changed is the FDIC’s commitment to helping people learn about their rights, responsibilities and options as they manage their money in today’s financial marketplace. We hope you will find this issue to be truly special and beneficial.