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Risk Share Asset Management (RSAM) Data Specifications


In 1991 the FDIC began operating a risk sharing program allowing the FDIC to enter in to a variety of "Risk Share" agreements. These agreements can be made either through the Loss Share program or the Structured Transactions (LLC) program. Acquiring Institutions purchasing bank assets from the FDIC through Risk Share agreements are required to report detailed information about these assets on a regular basis throughout the life of the agreement. Both of these programs have unique data reporting requirements detailed in their respective Data Specifications. The data reporting requirements are designed to meet these goals in a way that balances the reporting costs imposed on the purchasers and the FDIC's compliance needs.

Current Data Specifications

Loss Share Data Specifications

On February 5, 2016, FDIC published Loss Share Data Specifications version All institutions must download and submit version beginning with the February 5, 2016 reporting period end date.

Changes Over Time

The FDIC Risk Share data specifications will change over time as program data requirements evolve. To minimize disruption or undue burden to program participants, the FDIC will make every attempt to provide adequate notification of changes to its data specifications. In addition, the FDIC will attempt to incorporate input from Risk Share program participants and other stakeholders into these changes. As part of this effort, the FDIC has created the RSAM Data Specifications Change Management Plan (140 KB PDF File - PDF Help) to describe the procedures the FDIC will follow when releasing new Data Specifications.

Outreach and Feedback

To ensure that Risk Share program participants are well-informed about program data reporting requirements and to capture feedback from its program participants, the FDIC has established the RSAM Data Focus Group. The main activities of this group are:

Past Data Specifications

Loss Share Data Specifications version 1.4. Loss Share Data Specification 1.4 will be available for reference purposes only. All institutions must adopt version starting with the February 5, 2016 reporting period end date.


General Questions

If you have general questions about FDIC Risk Share Programs please read:

Questions About Data Reporting Requirements

If you have questions about your Institution's Loss Share data reporting requirements, please contact your RSAM Specialist.

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