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Business Resource Page

The Office of Minority and Women Inclusion – Diversity and Business Inclusion Branch has three programs that support diversity and inclusion in businesses, the FDIC's procurement process, and FDIC's regulated financial institutions.

  1. The Minority and Women Outreach Program advocates for Minority and/or Women- Owned Businesses in the FDIC's procurement process.
  2. The Contractors' Workforces Fair Inclusion mission is to ensure that good faith efforts are demonstrated in the hiring practices of minorities and women of its contractors' workforces.
  3. Financial Institution Diversity is the program that provides a self-assessment and analysis of the diversity and inclusion practices of FDIC's regulated financial institutions.

Minority and/or Women-Owned Business

These links below will provide you with information about Minority and/or Women-Owned Business (MWOBs) Program. Firms which are at least 51% owned and controlled by one or more minorities or women. Vendors can participate either as primes, subcontractors, joint venture or teaming partners.

Contractors' Workforces Fair Inclusion

Learn about the fair inclusion requirement for FDIC contractors to make good faith efforts to include minorities and women.

Financial Institution Diversity

For more information about the Financial Institution Diversity, visit the program's resources page.