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Resources for Court Clerks and Law Enforcement Agencies

Last Updated: October 26, 2023

The FDIC, as Receiver, is successor to the failed institution and has statutory duty to pursue each viable claim of the institution against those who may have caused losses or those who insured the institution against losses. Restitution orders are awarded by the courts as part of the sentencing of defendants, to repay financial institutions for criminal acts that caused losses to the financial institutions. The FDIC works with the U.S. Department of Justice to collect amounts due from federal criminal restitution orders, with state probation offices or in its own capacity to collect on state criminal restitution orders.

Resources for court clerks, prosecutors, investigators, and probation officers

FDIC - DOJ Memorandums of Understanding

For more information regarding financial crimes, criminal restitution orders, or asset forfeitures involving a failed bank as the victim of bank fraud, please contact, or 1-877-ASK-FDIC.

Where to Send Criminal Restitution Payments
FDIC Restitution Payments
P.O. Box 971774
Dallas, TX 75397-1774

Payments should be accompanied by the name of the defendant, the name of the failed bank, and FIN of the failed bank. The FIN may be found in the Alphabetical List of Failed Banks accessible on the Bank Failures and Assistance Data page.

FDIC-Insured Status

Instructions for requesting confirmation that an institution was FDIC-insured on the date of an offense

Dallas Victim - Asset Restitution Coverage

map of the circuits for Dallas victim-asset restitution coverage

Dallas Victim-Asset Restitution Coverage
Contact Information
Circuits Federal/State (F/S) Specialist Name Email Phone
Circuit 1 F/S: MA, ME, RI, NH Steve Hall (571) 265-3742
F/S: PR Debbie Eich (214) 499-2359
Circuit 2 F/S: CT, VT Steve Hall (571) 265-3742
F/S: NY Melissa Romanowski (972) 761-2834
Circuit 3 F/S: PA, NJ Steve Flynn (Pham) (214) 288-7461
F/S: DE Steve Hall (571) 265-3742
Circuit 4 F/S: DC, VA, WV Sarah Rayfield (571) 618-6211
F/S: NC, SC Bill Smith (571) 265-1306
F/S: MD Steve Hall (571) 265-3742
Circuit 5 F/S: LA, MS Melissa Romanowski (972) 761-2834
F/S: TX Bill Smith (571) 265-1306
Circuit 6 F/S: KY, TN Steve Hall (571) 265-3742
F/S: MI, OH Melissa Romanowski (972) 761-2834
Circuit 7 F: IL Theresa Gillerlain (708) 628-0303
S: IL Steve Flynn (Pham) (214) 288-7461
F/S: WI Craig Elder (571) 587-0268
F/S: IN Steve Hall (571) 265-3742
Circuit 8 F/S: AR, NE Craig Elder (571) 587-0268
F/S: IA, MN Steve Hall (571) 265-3742
F/S: MO, ND, SD Steve Hall (571) 265-3742
Circuit 9 F/S: AL, AZ, ID Debbie Eich (214) 499-2359
F/S: HI OR WA Sarah Rayfield (571) 618-6211
S: CA Steve Flynn (Pham) (214) 288-7461
F/S: MT, NV Craig Elder (571) 587-0268
F: CA-ND, CA-CD Bill Smith (571) 265-1306
F: CA-SD, CA-ED Steve Hall (571) 265-3742
Circuit 10 F/S: CO, KS Debbie Eich (214) 499-2359
F/S: OK, WY Craig Elder (571) 587-0268
F/S: UT Melissa Romanowski (972) 761-2834
F/S: NM Steve Hall (571) 265-3742
Circuit 11 F/S: AL Debbie Eich (214) 499-2359
F/S: GA Craig Elder (571) 587-0268
F/S: FL Andrew Reams (469) 439-6912

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