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Unclaimed Deposits Information

Addendum to Question and Answer Guide for Washington Mutual Bank, Henderson, NV and Washington Mutual Bank, FSB, Park City, UT

1. My account statement from JPMorgan Chase (Chase) shows a zero balance and has this telephone number to call. What happened?

After Washington Mutual Bank, FSB’s (WaMu) failure on September 25, 2008, your deposits with WaMu were transferred to Chase as part of Chase’s agreement with the FDIC to assume most of WaMu’s assets and liabilities. Pursuant to federal law, 12 USC 1822(e), you were notified regarding this transfer and instructed to claim your deposit within 18 months of WaMu’s failure. Chase mailed letters to your last known address as it appeared in WaMu’s records and Chase has no record of any claims being made for your funds. The statutory 18 month period has now expired. In order to comply with federal law, Chase must now refund those unclaimed deposits, including your funds which remain unclaimed, to the FDIC. On April 15 2010, Chase will transfer these unclaimed funds to the FDIC. The FDIC will process and transfer the unclaimed funds to the state listed as part of your address in WaMu’s records.

2. If I need to talk to someone at the FDIC, what is the contact information?

Please call 1-972-761-2112 or email us at