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JPMorgan Chase Notices relating to Washington Mutual Whole Bank P&A (Group 2)

Date Notices
2011.02.16 WaMu Mortgage Pass-ThroughCertificates_Redacted2014.09.24_Redacted
2011.10.03 WaMu Mortgage Pass-ThroughCertificates_Redacted
2011.10.05 Alleged Violation of underwriting_Redacted
2011.10.14 Alleged Misstatements and Omissions of Material Facts_Redacted
2011.12.20 ReimbursementofCosts&IndemnificationforDocumentProduction2FDIC_Redacted
2013.06.03 FDIC's LSI and CoreLogic document requests_Redacted
2014.02.24 Dubow v. JPMC_Redacted
2014.04.25 Long Beach Mortgage_Redacted
2014.06.05 Faughn v JPMC_Redacted
2014.06.06 Realty Transfer Tax_Redacted
2014.06.17 Texas County and Commerzbank AG London Branch_Redacted
2014.06.18 Bank Premises_Redacted
2014.06.19 Federal Fair Housing Act_Redacted
2014.06.24 Eskanos Cases-1_Redacted
2014.07.03 Corporate Tax Notice_Redacted
2014.07.24 Alleged Wrongful Conversion_Redacted
2014.07.30 K&W Insurance v. WaMu_Redacted
2014.08.22 Foreclosure Detect_Redacted
2014.08.27 Dime Savings Bank_Redacted
2014.09.02 Brode v. JPMC_Redacted
2014.09.02 CFPB Litigation_Redacted
2014.09.02 Alleged Realty Trfr Tax Violation - Smith v. Wilson & Assoc._Redacted
2014.09.02 Repudiation of Leases_Redacted
2014.09.02 Alleged Repurchase Liabilities-LongBeach_Redacted
2014.09.03 Alleged Unclaimed Property_Redacted
2014.09.03 Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac demand Repurchase of loans_Redacted
2014.09.03 Representation and Warranties_Redacted
2014.09.03 Residential Mortg.-Backed Sec._Redacted
2014.09.10 Francis, Daniels, Wells Fargo Litigation_Redacted
2014.09.12 Mortgages held by WMB Costs from_Redacted
2014.09.12 Potential noncompliance by WMB with federal,state, and local environmental laws and regulations_Redacted
2014.09.16 Buresh v. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. et al._Redacted
2014.09.16 Sales and Use Tax_Redacted
2014.09.16 Consolidated Business Tax_Redacted
2014.09.16 IRS Against Snohomish Securitites Inc._Redacted
2014.09.16 Capital Stock & Foreign Franchise Tax Assessment Notice to JPMC_Redacted
2014.09.17 SCRA Matter OCC_Redacted
2014.09.22 Atkins-Payne v. Alterman et al.,1-14-cv-04066-ENV-CLP_Redacted
2014.09.22 Alleged Acts or Omissions _Redacted
2014.09.23 Commonwealth of VA ex rel. Integra Rec LLC v. Barclays Cap. Inc. et al._Redacted
2014.09.23 Evans v.JPMC NA I, and II_Redacted
2014.09.23 JPMC Bk NA v. Zogaib et al._Redacted
2014.09.23 Lee v. Washington Mutual Bank FA
2014.09.23 Indemnity Demands on JPMC_Redacted
2014.09.23 Union Central Life Ins. Co. et al. v CS 1st Bos. Mtg.Sec.Corp et al and others_Redacted
2014.09.24 Anchor Savings Bank FSB v. United States, No.95-39C_Redacted

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