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Bid Summary

Proficio Bank, Cottonwood Heights, UT
Closing Date: March 3, 2017

Bidder Type of Transaction Deposit Premium % Asset Premium/ (Discount) $(000) Optional OREO Pool (% of BV) Conforming Bid
Winning Bid and Bidder:
Cache Valley Bank, Logan, UT
All deposit Whole Bank 0.00% ($5,491) No bid No - 1
Cover Bid:
First-Citizens Bank and Trust Company, Raleigh, NC
All Deposit Whole Bank 0% ($6,400) No bid No - 2
Other Bids: All deposit Whole Bank 0.50% ($28,043) No bid No

Conforming Bid Note:

1- Includes terms that permit branch relocation elsewhere in the greater Salt Lake City area.
2 - Requests to serve the market for 4 months with an option to occupy the Bank premises up to 210 days without an obligation to buy or assume lease.

Other Bidder Names & Locations:

First-Citizens Bank and Trust Company, Raleigh, NC
People's Intermountain Bank, American Fork, UT


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