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Bid Summary

Pinehurst Bank, Saint Paul, MN
Closing Date: May 21, 2010

All bids were All Deposit, Whole Bank:

Bidder Asset Discount Deposit Premium First Loss Tranche Loss Share
Winning: Coulee Bank, La Crosse, WI $11,625,000 1.33% n.a. No
Cover (second place)- Coulee Bank, La Crosse, WI 6.66% 1.129% 0.847% Yes
Other $27,670,000 1.23% n.a. No
Other 8.98% 0% 0% Yes
Other 14.9% 1.23% 0% Yes

Other Bidder Names:

Central Bank, Stillwater, MN
Park Midway Bank, NA, St. Paul, MN


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