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Failed Bank List

Failed Bank Information for City National Bank of New Jersey, Newark, NJ

On Friday, November 1, 2019, City National Bank of New Jersey (City National) was closed by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. The FDIC was named Receiver. No advance notice is given to the public when a financial institution is closed. Industrial Bank, Washington, DC acquired all deposit accounts and essentially all the assets.

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If You Had a Deposit Account

The full balance of all deposit accounts has been transferred to Industrial Bank.

You may continue to use your checks and ATM/Debit card. Direct deposits like paychecks and social security benefits will continue as usual. Please refer to the Banking Services section below for more details.

EDIE — Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator
Calculate insurance coverage of deposit accounts

Facts for Depositors
General information explaining the role of FDIC

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If You Had a Loan

You should continue to make payments, including escrow payments, as usual; the terms of your loan will not change.

If you are making escrow payments and receive notification that any portion of your taxes or insurance was not paid, contact your loan officer.

If your loan is currently in process or you had a line of credit, contact your loan officer.

Obtaining a Lien Release
Process on getting a release of lien

Borrower’s Guide to an FDIC Insured Bank Failure
Overview of how FDIC processes loans

Facts for Borrowers
General information explaining the role of FDIC

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If You Are Owed Money for a Service or Product Provided

You may be eligible to file a claim against City National.

If you have not been paid for services rendered prior to November 1, 2019, please refer to the Filing Claims section below.

Facts for Creditors
General information explaining the role of FDIC

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Beware of Scams
Please be advised you will not receive any email notification to claim, unlock or suspend your account or to provide any private information. Please be aware of any phishing scams to obtain information from you.

In keeping with West Virginia Governor Jim Justice’s Stay-at-Home Order, customers should visit a bank branch only if an in-person visit is essential and only after calling your branch to make an appointment.

Acquiring Institution: Industrial Bank

About Industrial Bank
All deposit accounts, including brokered deposits, have been transferred to Industrial Bank, Washington, DC ("assuming institution") and will be available immediately. The former City National locations will reopen as branches of Industrial Bank during regular business hours.

Your transferred deposits will be separately insured from any accounts you may already have at Industrial Bank for at least six months after the failure of City National. Checks that were drawn on City National that did not clear before the institution closed will be honored as long as there are sufficient funds in the account.

All interest accrued through Friday, November 1, 2019 will be paid at your same rate. Industrial Bank will be reviewing rates. You will be notified of any changes. You may withdraw your funds from any transferred account without an early withdrawal penalty until you enter into a new deposit agreement with Industrial Bank as long as the deposits are not pledged as collateral for loans.

Contacting Industrial Bank
You can contact Industrial Bank:

Industrial Bank
4812 Georgia Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20011

Industrial Bank (

Transaction Documentation
Purchase & Assumption Agreement — PDF
Agreement between FDIC and the acquiring institution

Bid Summary
Report on the bids to purchase the failed bank

Brokered Accounts
As an All Deposits transaction, the total of all deposit accounts, including brokered deposits, has been assumed by Industrial Bank.

Deposit Broker’s Processing Guide

Banking Services

Automatic Payments/Bill Pay/Online Banking
These services will continue as usual. Your routing number and account number will remain the same until you are notified in writing by Industrial Bank.

ATM and Debit Cards
Your ATM/Debit card will continue to work as usual.

Your checks will be processed as usual. All outstanding checks will be paid against your available balance(s). Industrial Bank will contact you soon regarding any changes in the terms of your account. If you have a problem with a merchant refusing to accept your check, please contact your branch office.

Direct Deposit
All direct deposits, for example, social security checks, payroll, veterans' benefits, disability, unemployment or any payment you receive electronically will continue as usual.

Overdraft Lines of Credit
These lines have been transferred to MVB Bank. Please contact Industrial Bank if you have additional questions regarding your accounts.

Safe Deposit Boxes
You may continue to access your safe deposit box during normal business hours. Any changes will be communicated by Industrial Bank.

Tax Reporting — 1098 and/or 1099
Industrial Bank will be responsible for mailing your 1099 tax information. Your 1098 reporting will be done by the FDIC or the servicer of your loan. You will be notified of any changes in ownership or servicing of your loan.

Filing Claims

If you or your company provided a service or product, leased space, furniture, or equipment to City National prior to November 1, 2019 and have not been paid, you may have a claim against City National.

All creditors having claims against City National must submit their claims to the Receiver online or by mail:


Send completed Proof of Claim Form — PDF to:

FDIC as Receiver for City National
Attention: Claims Agent
1601 Bryan Street
Dallas, TX 75201

Please note: There are time limits for filing a claim. Your claim must be filed on or before (the "Claims Bar Date").

Under federal law, failure to file a claim on or before the Claims Bar Date will result in disallowance of the claim by the Receiver. The disallowance will be final. 12 U.S.C. Section 1821(d)(5)(C).

NOTE TO CLASS CLAIMANTS: By law, the Receiver will not accept a claim filed on behalf of a proposed class of individuals or entities or a class of individuals or entities certified by a court. EACH individual or entity must file a separate claim with the Receiver.

Priority of Claims
In accordance with Federal law, allowed claims will be paid, after administrative expenses, in the following order of priority:

  1. Depositors
  2. General Unsecured Creditors
  3. Subordinated Debt
  4. Stockholders

For Stockholders of City National Bancshares Corporation

All shares of City National are owned by its holding company, City National Bancshares Corporation, Newark, NJ. The holding company was not included in the closing of the bank or resulting receivership.

Contacting the Holding Company
If you are a stockholder, please do not contact or file a claim with the Receiver. You must contact the holding company directly:
City National Bancshares Corporation
625 Broad Street
Newark, NJ 07102

Contact Information

Questions About This Closing
Contact the FDIC Customer Service Department at (888) 206-4662.

Hours of Operation — Eastern Time
Monday – Friday (excluding federal holidays): 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM