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Failing Bank Resolutions

Asset Sales

Last Updated: September 5, 2023

Asset Sales

  • Real Estate/Property Sales

    The FDIC sells real estate retained from failed banks. Find out where properties are available and how to purchase.

  • Loan Sales

    The FDIC sells loans acquired from failed financial institutions. These may be sold in pools through sealed bid sales.

  • Financial Asset Sales (Joint Venture Transactions)

    Learn how the FDIC uses the partnership model to sell large numbers of distressed assets held by recently failed financial institutions and the results of these sales.

  • Other Assets Sales

    The FDIC sells various other assets from bank failures such as office furniture, fixtures, and equipment.

  • Servicing Sales

    The FDIC may retain and sell servicing rights to loans from failed financial institutions.

  • Historical Sales

    The FDIC has decades’ worth of data on sales of all types of assets.

  • Frequently Asked Questions for Asset Sales

    Answers to questions regarding Asset Sales.