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Asset Sales

Last Updated: January 06, 2021

Asset Sales

  • Real Estate/Property Sales

    The FDIC sells real estate retained from failed banks. Find out where properties are available and how to purchase.

  • Loan Sales

    The FDIC sells loans acquired from failed financial institutions. These may be sold in pools through sealed bid sales.

  • Financial Asset Sales

    Learn how the FDIC uses the partnership model to sell large numbers of distressed assets held by recently failed financial institutions and the results of these sales.

  • Other Assets Sales

    The FDIC sells various other assets from bank failures such as office furniture, fixtures, and equipment.

  • Servicing Sales

    The FDIC may retain and sell servicing rights to loans from failed financial institutions.

  • Historical Sales

    The FDIC has decades’ worth of data on sales of all types of assets.

  • Frequently Asked Questions for Asset Sales

    Answers to questions regarding Asset Sales.