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Federal Deposit
Insurance Corporation

Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

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FDIC Federal Register Citations

First Name: Michael
Last Name: Hawkins
City: Bridgeview
Country: United States
State or Province: IL
Postal Code: 60455
Organization Name: Federal Loss Recapture Corporation

Comment Info: =================

I would like to suggest the Enhanced Private Mortgage Insurance- this insurance
would cover 21 to 100 percent of the mortgage in a similar way as the regular PMI,
that covers 1 to 20 percent of the mortgage. It should be required on all new
mortgages that are not conventional meaning that they are within the loan ratio's
28/33 for Gross income/PITA. The pricing could be calculated in a similar way.
Problem: by requiring this will add costs to the troubled assets automatically, but
will eliminate the problem in the future. I feel that this was the original intent, to
eliminate this from happening again by requiring them to be insured against loss
not to add costs to those already troubled.

Thank you,


Michael Hawkins

Last Updated 10/21/2008

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