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FDIC Federal Register Citations

[Federal Register: May 29, 2008 (Volume 73, Number 104)]
[Page 30938-30940]
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Agency Information Collection Activities: Proposed Collection;
Comment Request

AGENCY: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

ACTION: Notice and request for comment.
SUMMARY: The FDIC, as part of its continuing effort to reduce paperwork
and respondent burden, invites the general public and other Federal
agencies to take this opportunity to comment on continuing information
collections, as required by the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (44
U.S.C. chapter 35). Currently, the FDIC is soliciting comments
concerning the following collections of information titled: Acquisition
Services Information Requirements (3064-0072), Account Based
Disclosures in Connection with Federal Reserve Regulations E, CC, and
DD (3064-0084), and Prompt Corrective Actions (3064-0115).

DATES: Comments must be submitted on or before July 28, 2008.

ADDRESSES: Interested parties are invited to submit written comments to
the FDIC by any of the following methods. All comments should refer to
the name of the collection:
E-mail: Include the name of the
collection in the subject line of the message.
Mail: Leneta G. Gregorie (202-898-3719), Counsel, Room F-
1064, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, 550 17th Street NW.,
Washington, DC 20429.

[[Page 30939]]

Hand Delivery: Comments may be hand-delivered to the guard
station at the rear of the 17th Street Building (located on F Street),
on business days between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.
A copy of the comments may also be submitted to the OMB desk
officer for the FDIC: Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs,
Office of Management and Budget, New Executive Office Building,
Washington, DC 20503.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Leneta G. Gregorie at the address
identified above.

Proposal to renew the following currently approved collections of
1. Title: Acquisition Services Information Requirements.
OMB Number: 3064-0072.
This OMB Number covers the following items:

Forms Currently in Use: FDIC Background Investigation Questionnaire for
Contractor Personnel Management Officials, Form 1600/04 (1-03). FDIC
Contractor Representation and Certifications, Form 3700/04A (8-02).
FDIC Background Investigation Questionnaire for Contractor, Form 1600/
07 (8-02).
FDIC Notice and Authorization Pertaining to Consumer Reports, Form
1600/10 (10-02).
FDIC Integrity and Fitness Representations and Certifications, Form
3700/12 (11-03).
FDIC Leasing Representations and Certifications Form 3700/44 (10-01).
Discontinued Forms in This Collection: FDIC Contractor Application,
Form 3700/13 (5-02). Contractor Past Performance RFP Reference Check
Questionnaire, 3700/29 (10-01). Contractor Application Revision
Request, Form 3700/33 (8-98).

Frequency of Response: On occasion.
Affected Public: Any contractors who wish to do business, have done
business, or are currently under contract with the FDIC.
Estimated Number of Respondents: 12,546.
Estimated Time per Response: .43 hours.
Total Annual Burden: 5,403 hours.
General Description of Collection: The collection involves the
submission of information on various forms by contractors who wish to
do business, have done business, or are currently under contract with
the FDIC. The information is used to: Enter contractors on the FDIC's
nationwide contractor database, the National Contractor System (NCS);
ensure compliance with established contractor ethics regulations (12
CFR Part 366); obtain information on a contractor's past performance
for proposal evaluation purposes; review a potential lessor's fitness
and integrity prior to entering into a lease transaction; provide
notice and authorization for obtaining consumer reports for employment
purposes or performance under a contract; and document contractor
change requests.
2. Title: Account Based Disclosures in Connection With Federal
Reserve Regulations E, CC, and DD.
OMB Number: 3064-0084.
Frequency of Response: On occasion.
Affected Public: State chartered banks that are not members of the
Federal Reserve System.
Estimated Number of Respondents: 5,300.
Total Annual Burden: 920,589 hours.
General Description of Collection: This FDIC information collection
provides for the application of Regulations E (Electronic Fund
Transfers), CC (Availability of Funds), and DD (Truth in Savings) to
State nonmember banks. Regulations E, CC, and DD are issued by the
Federal Reserve Board of Governors (FRB) to ensure, among other things,
that consumers are provided adequate disclosures regarding accounts,
including electronic fund transfer services, availability of funds, and
fees and annual percentage yield for deposit accounts. Generally, the
Regulation E disclosures are designed to ensure consumers receive
adequate disclosure of basic terms, costs, and rights relating to
electronic fund transfer (EFT) services provided to them so that they
can make informed decisions. Institutions offering EFT services must
disclose to consumers certain information, including: initial and
updated EFT terms, transaction information, the consumer's potential
liability for unauthorized transfers, and error resolution rights and
Like Regulation E, Regulation CC has consumer protection disclosure
requirements. Specifically, Regulation CC requires depository
institutions to make funds deposited in transaction accounts available
within specified time periods, disclose their availability policies to
customers, and begin accruing interest on such deposits promptly. The
disclosures are intended to alert customers that their ability to use
deposited funds may be delayed, prevent unintentional (and costly)
overdrafts, and allow customers to compare the policies of different
institutions before deciding at which institution to deposit funds.
Depository institutions must also provide an awareness disclosure
regarding substitute checks. The regulation also requires notice to the
depositary bank and to a customer of nonpayment of a check.
Regulation DD also has similar consumer protection disclosure
requirements that are intended to assist consumers in comparing deposit
accounts offered by institutions, principally through the disclosure of
fees, the annual percentage yield, and other account terms. Regulation
DD requires depository institutions to disclose yields, fees, and other
terms concerning deposit accounts to consumers at account opening, upon
request, and when changes in terms occur. Depository institutions that
provide periodic statements are required to include information about
fees imposed, interest earned, and the annual percentage yield (APY)
earned during those statement periods. It also contains rules about
advertising deposit accounts.
Although the FRB regulations require institutions to retain
evidence of compliance with the disclosure requirements, the
regulations do not specify the types of records that must be retained.
3. Title: Prompt Corrective Action.
OMB Number: 3064-0115.
Frequency of Response: On occasion.
Affected Public: All insured depository institutions.
Estimated Number of Respondents: 19.
Estimated Time per Response: 4 hours.
Total Annual Burden: 76 hours.
General Description of Collection: The Prompt Corrective Action
provisions in Section 38 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act (12
U.S.C. 1831o) permits and, in some cases requires, the Federal Deposit
Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and other federal banking agencies to take
certain supervisory actions when FDIC-insured institutions fall within
one of five capital categories. They also restrict or prohibit certain
activities and require the submission of a capital restoration plan
when an insured institution becomes undercapitalized.

Request for Comment

Comments are invited on: (a) Whether this collection of information
is necessary for the proper performance of the FDIC's functions,
including whether the information has practical utility; (b) the
accuracy of the estimates of the burden of the information collection,
including the validity of the methodologies and assumptions used; (c)
ways to enhance the quality, utility,

[[Page 30940]]

and clarity of the information to be collected; (d) ways to minimize
the burden of the information collection on respondents, including
through the use of automated collection techniques or other forms of
information technology; and (e) estimates of capital or start up costs,
and costs of operation, maintenance and purchase of services to provide
the information.
At the end of the comment period, the comments and recommendations
received will be analyzed to determine the extent to which the
collection should be modified prior to submission to OMB for review and
approval. Comments submitted in response to this notice also will be
summarized or included in the FDIC's requests to OMB for renewal of
this collection. All comments will become a matter of public record.

Dated at Washington, DC, this 23nd day of May, 2008.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
Valerie J. Best,
Assistant Executive Secretary.
[FR Doc. E8-11945 Filed 5-28-08; 8:45 am]



Last Updated 05/29/2008

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