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Federal Deposit
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Each depositor insured to at least $250,000 per insured bank

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FDIC Federal Register Citations
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FDIC Federal Register Citations
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Citation Archive - 1997-2006

Risk-Based Capital Guidelines; Capital Adequacy Guidelines; Capital Maintenance: Domestic Capital Modifications. PDF (PDF Help) 12 CFR Part 325 - RIN 3064-AC96. 


Comment Period End: 3/26/07.

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Submitted by
01. The Co-operative Central Bank, Boston, MA, William F. Casey, Jr. - PDF 121k
02. European Commission, Charlie McCreevy - PDF 289k
03. VantageScore Solutions, LLC, Stamford, CT, Barrett Burns - PDF 265k
04. Independent Community Bankers of America; America's Community Bankers; The Financial Services Roundtable; The American Bankers Association - PDF
05. The Council of Federal Home Loan Banks, Timothy Chrisman - PDF 946k
06. Mortgage Bankers Association, Washington, DC, John M. Robbins - PDF 55k
07. Farm Credit System Banks, Jersey City, NJ, Jamie B. Stewart, Jr. - PDF 771k
08. McHenry Savings Bank, Kathleen E. Marinangel - PDF
       Nine officials of the bank submitted emails in agreement
09. Sterling Bank, Houston, TX, Graham B. Painter - PDF
10. Sterling Bank, Houston, TX, Pamela Lovett - PDF
11. Sterling Bank, Houston, TX, Deborah Jackson-Cook - PDF
12. Sterling Bank, Houston, TX, Deborah Dinsmore - PDF
13. Sterling Bank, Houston, TX, Stephen C. Raffaele - PDF
14. Sterling Bank, Houston, TX, Sharron R. Aldrich - PDF
15. Institute of International Bankers, New York, NY, Lawrence R. Uhlick - PDF 67k
16. Risk Management Association, Philadelphia, PA, Maurice H. Haritigan, II - PDF 65k
17. Conference of State Bank Supervisors, Washington, DC, Neil Milner - PDF
18. Mortgage Insurance Companies of America, Washington, DC, Suzanne C. Hutchinson - PDF 202k
19. Sterling Bank, Houston, TX, David H. Wesley - PDF
20. Sterling Bank, Houston, TX, Sonny B. Lyles - PDF
21. Sterling Bank, Houston, TX, Steven C. Harker - PDF
22. Sterling Bank, Houston, TX, Terry Gunter - PDF
23. McHenry Savings Bank, Kathleen E. Marinangel - PDF
24. Financial Services Roundtable, Washington, DC, Richard M. Whiting - PDF 72k   Additional Comments
25. Sterling Bank, Houston, TX, J. Downey Bridgwater - PDF
26. USAA Federal Savings Bank, Michael J. Broker - PDF
27. Alex Sheshunoff, Santa Fe, NM - PDF
28. Independent Community Bankers of America, Washington, DC, Christopher Cole - PDF
29. FannieMae, Beth A. Wilkinson - PDF
30. National Association of Home Builders, Washington, DC, William P. Killmer - PDF
31. State Street Corporation, Boston, MA, Stefan Gavell - PDF
     -- Additional Comment - PDF
32. National Association of Realtors, Washington, DC, David A. Lereah - PDF
33. TCF National Bank, Wayzata, MN, James S. Broucek - PDF
34. CapitalOne Financial Corporation, McLean, VA, Chris Curtis - PDF
35. CUNA and affiliates, Washington, DC, William F. Hampel - PDF 87k
36. Illinois League of Financial Institutions, Springfield, IL - PDF
37. Merrill Lynch & Co, Christopher B. Hayward - PDF 58k
38. i-Flex Solutions, Vijay Sharma - PDF 127k
39. Sterling Bank, Houston, TX, Nick Kapatos - PDF 468k
40. America's Community Bankers, Washington, DC, Robert R. Davis - PDF 137k
41. American Bankers Association, Washington, DC, Paul A. Smith - PDF 181k
42. Commerce Bank, Kansas City, MO, Robert C. Matthews, Jr. - PDF 346k
43. Countrywide Financial Corporation, Calabasas Hills, CA, Patrick Furtaw - PDF 80k
44. First National of Nebraska, Omaha, NE, Timothy D. Hart - PDF 617
45. JPMorganChase, New York, NY, Michael J. Cavanagh
         NOTE:  See Appendix C at page 78 - PDF 41,105k
46. Old Republic Insurance Company, Chicago, IL, James A. Kellogg - PDF
47. UBS Bank USA, Salt Lake City, UT, George Coburn - PDF
48. European Banking Federation, Belgium, Guido Ravoet - PDF
49. Moody's Investor Service, New York, NY, Jeanne Dering - PDF
50. Federal Home Loan Bank Board of New York, New York, NY, George L. Engelke, Jr. - PDF 255k
51. American Express Bank, FSSB, - PDF 178k
52. F.N.B.C. of LaGrange, Inc., Hinsdale, IL, Martin P. Madden - PDF
53. BOK Financial Corporation, Tulsa, OK, Steven Nell - PDF  278k
54. Southside Bank, Tyler, TX, Jeryl Story - PDF
55. Massachusetts Bankers Association, Boston, MA, Jon K. Skarin - PDF
56. Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN, Brian K. Fike - PDF 2103k
57. Cappetta & Associates, Ltd., Oak Brook, IL, Frederick C. Cappetta - PDF 733k
58. Sterling Bank, Houston, TX, C. Wallis McMath, Jr. - PDF 2578k
59. Fremont Bank, Fremont, CA, Bradford L. Anderson - PDF 1357k
60. Sterling Bank, Houston, TX, Travis Jaggers - PDF 530k

Last Updated 06/04/2007

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